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20 workers laid off at Thessalon Midway Lumber

May 13, 2019  By  Ellen Cools

Thessalon, Ont.-based Midway Lumber Ltd. has laid off 20 employees, as a result of a moratorium on cutting in Kirkwood Forest.

According to Northern Ontario Business, the moratorium was put in place because of an ongoing land claim filed by Thessalon First Nation in the 1990s.

USW Local 9260 president Scott Dunlop said an interim deal was in the works to lift the moratorium on cutting.

“Unfortunately, though, that’s not going to save us. I’m hoping they’re going to follow through with it – I’m going to say on them,” Dunlop said. “We had commitments from the premier. Ford was very concerned about it, so he’s got his ministers working on it, but, unfortunately for us, it’s not going to come quick enough.”


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