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5 takeaways from File Week 2020

May 8, 2020  By  Ellen Cools

File Week 2020 comes to an end today after five days of coverage on new saw filing technology, advice and initiatives for training new filers and webinars on how to improve efficiency and productivity. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned from the featured articles, webinars and columns.

1. Improving productivity and efficiency: With the annual BC Saw Filers Association convention being cancelled this year due to COVID-19, we decided to host two webinars this week focused on improving productivity and efficiency. The first webinar focused on the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things in the filing room, while the second webinar highlighted how reducing pitch accumulation can improve mill productivity and thereby reduce profit loss associated with the problem.

2. New products: Although the convention didn’t take place, we still rounded up the newest saw filing solutions. Automation and real-time data are common themes: SiCam’s new SawTrack System provides real-time predictive intelligence to sawfilers and quality control personne, while Williams & White’s Hammerhead 3000 Band Saw Auto-bench automatically levels and tension band saws, and three new packages for BGR Saws’ LK-Pro automatic circular tip brazing machine. Several other companies have also updated their technology.

3. Training for sawfilers by sawfilers: CFI columnist and Canfor sawfiler Josh Penner shares his tips and tricks for training new filers, while Simonds International gives some insights into their new training facility and curriculum. Former sawfiler Jaqualynn Gray also emphasizes how training can help create inclusive and gender diverse filing rooms.


4. Machinery deep dives: Vito Vallese, with Promac Group, gives readers an in-depth look at the development and benefits of arbor splines, as well as some advice to help filers avoid confusion when ordering splines. Meanwhile, Supersaul Chemmex shares five things to consider when it comes to saw and guide lubrication: user friendliness, environmental impact, performance increases, cost and convenience.

5. Great expectations: Paul Smith, president of Smith Sawmill Service LLC, discusses a new filing challenge: today’s circular saw expectations are high. In this Saw Filing 101 column, he shares how his company has dealt with the issues of teeth coming out and shoulders breaking.

CFI’s File Week landing page is a hub where sawfilers and other stakeholders can find best practices and the latest information on new saw filing technology all year long. Find it in the MENU tab, under Explore.

Find the landing page here, and see you next year for File Week 2021!

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