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A cut above 2016: Latest tech for the filing room

April 5, 2016 - Canadian Forest Industries checks out the latest tech for the filing room.

April 5, 2016  By Staff Report

Automatic benching machine 

The Iseli RZ-1 Automatic Benching Machine offers fully automatic levelling, tensioning and back measuring-adjusting of the saw blades in one operational setup. It handles blade widths ranging from 70 to 360mm and blade thicknesses of 0.8 to 2.0mm. The unit has a working speed of 15 m/min. The machine is equipped with a modern, selectively programmable control unit and touchscreen display. The order of levelling, tensioning and back measuring-adjusting can be selectively called and programmed. The programmed values can be downloaded and recalled with the same values for duplication of saw blades of the same specification at a later time.

Universal sharpening machine
The Vollmer CHP 840 is a universal sharpening machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades ranging from 80 to 840mm (33”) in diameter. It is built with four CNC-controlled axes for accurate grinding in one cycle. Additional features include a newly developed multifunctional handwheel; oscillation grinding; and automatic central lubrication. The unit is hydraulic-free, V-Top grinding capable and no tooth pitch input is required. The CHP 840 uses imperial or metric inputs.

Automated bench
Simonds International’s model 095 Automated Bench is designed to improve filing room productivity for bandsaw mills. The 095 AB features a large touchscreen control panel for performing levelling and tensioning tasks. It can simultaneously level and tension saws up to 15” wide and up to 65’ long, while measuring to .0004” across the entire area of the saw – length and width. The learn mode on the Simonds 095 AB allows the filer to load a properly levelled and tensioned saw on the AB and the machine will measure, document and learn the bench work specifications such that it can be stored and reused on subsequent runs.

CNC guide dresser
Precision Machinery’s CNC Guide Dresser features a fast-setup design that allows operators to quickly change between guide profiles and store up to 90 customized guide settings with the standard package. The unit comes with a touchscreen interface for maintaining accurate targets. Multiple insert face mills are available in two sizes and indexable carbide inserts are readily available and can be easily rotated up to four times if worn or damaged. Precision ground slides are adjustable in increments down to 0.0002”. The unit also features a granite machine base and a three-point frame.


Anti-deviation device
Saw+ADD is a bandsaw lower guide holder with integrated force sensors. It measures side forces on the saw that are a potential for deviation; as well as the saw strain and the additional sawing strain, which is a measure of the sawing power. Features include meters that provide saw and machine performance indicators; software that provides feed speed adjustments to stop deviation then return to optimum speed; and force sensors that are sensitive enough to measure the maximum desired force with one thousandth of an inch deflection.

Modern Engineering guarantees the accuracy of its precision sawguides within 0.0002” and each one is CMM tested before being shipped out. The sawguides are designed to reduce wastage and downtime, to ensure that mills are running as efficiently and productively as possible.

Knife grinder
DK-SPEC’s multifunctional knife grinder is designed for heavy heads of high-speed planers that need accuracy and repeatability when grinding. It has a grinding wheel diameter up to 12”, a cutting head diameter of up to 20”, and a maximum cutter head length of 15”. It is built with a 5 hp grinding spindle motor and features a variable speed of 900 to 3,500 rpm. The grinder is designed for simple installation and can come with an optional overhead crane. An appropriate set-up stand is recommended.

Saw control system
The Saw Control System marries control parameters set in the file room to the sawyer’s feed-handle position. The sawyer has complete control of entry into the cut and holds the joystick position throughout the cut. The Saw Control System is designed to enhance speed, depending on the depth of the cut. Benefits for filers include: alerts of guide buildup and/or guide wear problems; helps determine saws for correction tension, tire and tooth shape; alerts of bad saws or guides; warns of bearing problems; shows saw cracks, as well as dull and sharp saws; and assists in evaluating saw filing equipment.

Automatic Measuring Machine
The Gerling Automatic Measuring Machine model GSPM is designed for measuring axial runout, tension and flatness of the saw body. With an integrated touchscreen control panel, the results are shown in a graphical display. The GSPM is designed for fast and accurate changeovers to various saw blade sizes and to ensure quality control of saw bodies. This machine will allow filling rooms to maintain consistent anvil room output regardless of the number of staff and experience that they have.

Circular saw sharpening
Williams & White’s RoboSharp-AX10L2 is one of the industry’s newest and most advanced circular saw sharpening machines. The grinder is equipped with robotic loading technology and is capable of top, face and side grinding a circular saw with one set-up. The grinder offers dual blade capacity coupled with independent grinding spindles, creating the ability to top and face grind two blades simultaneously. This solves a statistically recognized bottleneck in saw maintenance and production facilities including filing rooms, saw shops and saw manufacturers. The two spindles also come together to “dual side grind” a single saw blade.

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