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A cut above: the newest equipment for the filing room

March 26, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries brings you the newest equipment for the filing room in this tech update all about saw filing.

March 26, 2018  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

Cut Technologies
Cut Technologies / Burton Saw & Supply Saw Tension Analyser (STA) is an electronic go/no go gauge for evaluating tension in saw blades. Once a saw has been tensioned to the requested parameters the STA captures the information giving the anvil man a base line to repeat and check — i.e. craftsmen using the correct tools achieve quality custom tensioned saws. Using a Saw Tensioning Analyser (STA), experienced anvil men using the basic tools (straight edge, tension gauge, dial indicators) now have an added piece of equipment to assist with the repeatability of tensioning a saw.


Grasche USA
Grasche USA is the premier U.S. manufacturer of quality saw bodies ready for tipping. The company’s saw bodies are laser-cut from imported German saw steel, multiple heat-treatments, reamed bores, surface ground to 20Ra or better and hammered by expert craftsmen with over 80 years of combined experience. Grasche USA is known for manufacturing the flattest custom saw bodies in the U.S. They offer quick delivery, competitive pricing and tight tolerances.



Wright Machine Tools
The WBG-01 Grinder is designed to accurately and safely grind band wheels by giving the operator a user-friendly touch panel that can be used several feet from the grinding area. Accuracy is maintained through the use of a computer servo-driven precision lead screw on the X-axis and a computer servo-driven ball screw on the Y-axis. The WBG-01 Rail platform is CNC machined from billet materials for added strength and rigidity.


Simonds International
BGR Saws and Simonds International have introduced a range of Kirschner saw tipping machines engineered for the North American marketplace. The LK Pro provides fully automatic brazing of pretinned Carbide and PM12 saw tips on a compact footprint. Kirschner tippers are solid machines, easy to set up and use and built to last. The machines have a patented sorting bowl, enabling a quick change over and no plug ups. The touch screen interface includes icons for each saw type specific to a sawmill, for example VDA , VSS, quad, board eger, trim sawmill, trim planer, etc. There is no need to re-enter data each time. The tip removal cycle has received rave reviews from customers. The LK-Pro is engineered for high production filing rooms and can be a standalone unit or paired with robotic loaders. The LK 800M is a manual unit with many of the same design innovations of the LK-Pro.


Vollmer is launching the new grinding machine CHX 840 for machining faces and tops of carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to 840 millimetres (33 inch) diameter. Thanks to a double grinding wheel, machining of tooth faces and tops is accomplished in a single clamping process, which reduces setup time. In addition, the CHX 840 is adapted to the individual needs of the customer through different automation levels, thus ensuring further time savings. One option is automatic setup, which consists of saw insertion, diameter detection and acoustic touch sensing. Automatic loading can be added, whereby an autonomy time of up to seven hours is possible.


The latest innovation from Saw+ADD is the R-SawADD — the Round SawADD (Patent Pending).  For a couple of years now there has been a growing affirmation of Saw+ADD for bandsaws including the most recent installation in Australia. While this is a powerful yet simple breakthrough, what is sure to grab attention is Saw+ADD’s work on the Round Saw Anti Deviation concept. Saw+ADD president Warren Myrfield’s keen understanding of the physics of motion dynamics has led to development of Saw+ADD on round saws utilizing the radial forces on the arbor to improve the through-put and quality of lumber in all sawing breakdown thereby increasing production, recovery and reducing downtime.


Carbide Tool Works
Carbide Tool Works has the equipment and inventory necessary to do all modifications, repairs and servicing to attain the maximum performance out of your cutting tools. Pressurized, high temperature saw cleaner is used to remove resins and wood build-up from your tools. All panels, score and precision saw blades are checked for level and tension by our experienced Anvilman. Saws are individually assessed for how much carbide removal is necessary. Machines are then calibrated and your saw is ground, removing the minimal amount of carbide to ensure good performance and maximum blade life. Saws are face and top ground every time, to ensure absolute precision and maximum blade life.


Saw Control Systems
Continued innovation and development in carriage control has been ongoing and is providing and extra saw line per minute. The recently developed Kickback technology for hydraulic shotguns is especially helpful hardwood mills. With the varying wood grains and profiles of logs, snaking can be a major problem. This technology stops the carriage by automatically blocking its forward motion. The computer reaction time is 100-times faster than the Sawyer response even with the systems modern joystick control. Currently under development is Power Entry and Total Feed Control through the entire cut.  This will give sawyers speed control like cruise control used in our vehicles. The depth-of-cut is like the speed set for cutting speed. The first part is fully tested and the second part will be operational later this year.


Gerling Automation / HMT Machine Tools
New for 2018, Gerling Automation and HMT Machine Tools have made operating the SawMaster Automatic tip brazing machine easier than ever. Gerling and HMT have introduced a tip sorting system that eliminates the any miss sorting of pre tinned carbide and Stellite saw tips. The process uses a laser that measures the tips profile for exact orientation of the tip. The laser system has a “Teach” function. By pressing the teach button on the touch screen it initiates the future to learn the correct orientation to the tip. The operator then feeds a few tips threw the laser in the correct orientation and then presses the button again to end the teaching. From that point on you have quick and accurate tip sorting.


Williams & White
Williams & White recently launched their GDX saw guide milling machine. The GDX is built with a precision machined granite base and high quality, fully enclosed linear ways; designed to offer extreme, long lasting accuracy and reliability.  The GDX is the first of its kind to offer full CNC control. Guide in-feed and out-feed, cutter RPM and cutting axis movements and positions are set using a user-friendly touch-screen interface. This feature provides operators with the flexibility to create and modify programs and make machine adjustments on the fly.  Williams & White also added some much needed safety features to the guide milling process. The hood of the GDX locks electronically and cannot be opened while the spindles are in rotation. The GDX is in operation at Teal Jones in Surrey, B.C., and at West Fraser in Henderson, Texas.


Supersaul Chemmex
We all know how much 1/32, 1/16 or 1/8th of an inch can affect recovery. Sometimes pitch build up is the cause. If pitch is not an issue for your mill, this system is not for you. Since logs have been sawn pitch has been present, and though useful for traditionally waterproofing a boat, pitch is usually expensive when it builds up on feed rolls or guide plates causing feeding and recovery issues. In high speed sawmills and planers pitch is an ever-present concern preventing equipment from holding lumber or cants perfectly in place, causing reduced recovery.  Supersaul Chemmex’s Automated Pitch Prevention System prevents pitch build up and has been developed over nine years. With proven results over the last four years.

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