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A cut above: a look at the latest saw filing technology

CFI presents the latest saw filing technology on the market.

April 25, 2019  By CFI staff report

Williams and White

Williams and White
Williams & White is the exclusive distributor of Hana brazing machines in North America. The HM brazer combines manual operation with the accuracy of an automatic machine. The HM requires an operator to manually index the saw and feed the tip. With the push of a button, the braze is completed automatically; automatic saw and tip pushing, automatic temperature control and automatic anneal cycle. The the H50 is equipped with laser sensors for tip recognition, automatic flux dispensing, silver solder feed and a separate water-cooling system. The H55 brazing machine offers extreme automation, flexibility and speed, with automatic tip removal, server-controlled saw/hook angle adjustment, camera sensors for tip recognition, and robotic loading capability.

The new grinding machine Vollmer CHX 840 for carbide-tipped circular saw blades, with a diameter up to 840 mm, machines tooth faces and tops in a single clamping process to reduce set up time, thanks to a double grinding wheel. With five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX 840 can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries – this also applies to sawing with axial angle and group toothing. The HS automation solution ensures automatic loading of the CHX for unmanned operation of up to seven hours. This machine is ideal for sawmill operators, sharpening specialists and furniture makers.

DK-Spec’s multifunctional knife grinder Filex MK2 is designed for heavy heads of high-speed planers that need accuracy and repeatability when grinding. It has a grinding wheel diameter up to 12 inches, a cutting head diameter of up to 20 inches, and a maximum cutter head length of 15 inches. It is built with a 5-hp grinding spindle motor and features a variable speed of 900 to 1,800 rpm. The grinder is designed for simple installation and can come with an optional overhead crane. An appropriate set-up stand is recommended.

BGR Saws
The LK Pro from BGR Saws is the ideal precision automatic tip brazing machine for both tipping and tip removal. Designed specifically for filing rooms, its user-friendly icon-based interface, smart design, compact size, precision CNC controls and robotic loader option are setting a new standard for automation in North American sawmills. The LK Pro delivers fully automatic brazing of pretinned carbide or stellite tips. Innovations include a patented “non-vibratory” saw tip feed bowl with an automatic-empty function to return unused tips to their box while making a change over. The easy-to-use, multi-axis pyrometer positioning system ensures accuracy and speedy set up.


Carbide Tool Works
Carbide Tool Works’ latest in circular saw manufacturing and servicing technology is an eight-axis CNC robotic load/unload face and top grinder, and CNC automatic tip brazing machines. Carbide manufactures and services all manner of circular saws from trims to edgers and specialty saws from two inches to 48 inches in diameter in-house. Carbide also manufactures and services cutters for the plywood industry, as well as a large number of highly specialized industries from steel, aluminum and plastics. With highly trained specialists with decades of experience, Carbide has the staff as well as the equipment to do it right.

Precision Machinery
In 2018, Precision Machinery unveiled its new Kaiser line of equipment. The first of two Kaiser models now in operation is the fully automated CNC Guide Dresser. The Kaiser Guide Dresser is built on the same proven platform as Precision’s existing Standard CNC Guide Dresser, operating in over 100 mills worldwide. In addition to all axes having automated movement, the new interactive interface simplifies operation in the filing room.

Saw-ADD for circle saws is now running at Interfor, Adams Lake division on their Optimil 10-inch VDAG, producing better than expected results, with increased throughput of 12.6 per cent shift average cutting frozen Douglas fir. Combined with Saw-ADD on their Optimil twin, they increased the overall production of the line by four per cent during frozen wood season. Saw-ADD for bandsaws has continually improved its gain in production and recovery. Saw-ADD now has data showing increases through the bandsaws from several mills in excess of eight per cent shift average. Saw-ADD’s user interface now allows entry of desired increase per cent of feed speed and displays the average increase achieved for the last 30 logs and the shift average, as well as other diagnostics.

Cut Technologies
The Model CTM-13 coolant filtration system rapidly removes carbide, cast metals, and ceramic grinding materials from oil and/or water-based synthetic coolants. The GFI protected unit is available in portable or stationary configurations and can service multiple machines with its 13 gallons per minute filtration process. Coolant filtration improves grinding finishes, reduces cobalt leaching, reduces wheel loading, extends coolant life and makes for a healthier work environment. Its compact size, 27 inches x 18 inches x 40 inches tall, is conducive for use in most filing rooms. The CTM-13 uses disposable filters available in several sizes.

Burton Saw
Sharpened circle saw blades frequently suffer from material handling damage on their journey back to the machining centre. This can cause unscheduled downtime, poor cut quality and reduced run times. Prevent injury and protect that all-important razor-sharp cutting edge with Burton’s upgraded round saw carriers. Safely carry up to three saws per carrier, depending on kerf. Durable plastic construction with easy load design is available for 15- to 24-inch diameter saws.

Wright Machine Tool
The new NOVUS X2 top or face grinder introduces an unprecedented level of modern technology into today’s modern saw shops. The X2 offers features and options simply not possible with older technology. What kind of features? The NOVUS X2 incorporates a deterministic, real-time operating system. While sharpening a saw, the operator is free to run diagnostics on the machine or program a new saw – all at the same time. With a network connection, the support staff at Wright Machine can upgrade the software and diagnose problems.

Simonds model 095 Automated Bandsaw Bench continues to evolve to meet the needs of North American sawmills. The machine’s latest innovation is a second set of tension rolls to facilitate quick and efficient conversion between resaws and thicker headrig saws. The additional set of rolls, when combined with the eccentric operation, delivers smooth consistent pressure to effectively move steel and deliver quick, consistent results. The machine is also now available with a Light Curtain safety shutoff option for unattended operation.

Cortex exists to provide wood fibre processors with the highest performing, lowest cost reversible knife chipping system in the industry. With installations in Western Canada, the U.S., Chile and New Zealand, the Cortex system has demonstrated robust performance against a wide variety of wood species and operating environments. Cortex aims to meet the customer where they are in their current chipping system life cycle, whether that means adaptable kits, designing and manufacturing new heads or installing Cortex produced knife designs.

Thode Canada
Thode Knife & Saw, Ltd., has been in operation since 1946 supplying saws and knives to a wide variety of industries throughout Australasia. Thode consultants are qualified saw-doctors and machinists and can help with saw shop or machine room upgrades and saw, knife, tool and machinery requirements to increase efficiency and quality. Thode recently expanded to Canada and is the Iseli saw servicing equipment agency for the country, manufacturing and supplying bandsaw blades to industry.


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