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A cut above: the latest equipment for the filing room in 2021

October 19, 2021  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff Report


The Iseli BNP 200 bandsaw profile grinder is the most advanced machine for automatic profile sharpening of bandsaw blades controlled with four CNC axes. Automatic loading of the blade is now possible. The machine positions the blade to a pre-set height in the program and closes the blade clamp. The first saw tooth is positioned and the tooth pitch is calculated. In the case of variable tooth shapes, the group of teeth is automatically detected. This significantly reduces operating errors and the effort involved in searching for variable divisions. The machine automatically scans the teeth and determines the zero points, and then the grinding process starts. The operator can load the blade and start the machine with the push of a button. The rest of the work is done by the machine.

Precision Machinery


Precision Machinery has been manufacturing and supplying high quality, accurate saw guides to the sawmill industry for over a decade. In addition to being able to measure saw temperature, Precision’s saw guides now come with the option of flow control (a PFM system). A control valve is inserted into the guide to regulate the maximum flow of lubricant to the saw. This allows users to balance the flow across the saw stack, ensuring all saws receive equal, consistent lubrication, regardless of wear or supply. Valves are designed to pass small pieces of particulate while still regulating flow.

DK Spec

The DK-Spec Filex MK2nx is a multifunctional knife grinder that features either soft touch display or physical buttons, a new wireless remote control handle for easy set-up, a grind LV side head, straight knife cutterhead and finger jointing head. Possible robotic loading for high volume grinding of a straight knife is also available. Users can access troubleshooting and update options remotely via a private VPN. It also comes with full internal Ethercat OMRON servo-drives or HMI network and fully updatable HMI and PLC software. The machine is secured with an automatic operation thru smart electronic door lock. It also features a 240/480-kilogram overhead crane with a low-speed electric hoist.

Williams & White

Building on Williams & White’s strong history and reputation for high quality and rugged machinery, the company is proud to introduce the all new Hammerhead 3000 Auto Bench to its growing equipment line. The Williams & White Hammerhead 3000 Auto Bench is an all-in-one bandsaw processing centre designed to automatically tension and level a bandsaw with ease. Stand-out features include an easy saw load system featuring hide-away clamps, independent rigid tension and level heads, intuitive touchscreen control with teach functionality, and a full light curtain safety system. The precision measuring systems for level, tension, and back allow the Hammerhead 3000 to efficiently work the bandsaw to exacting specifications.


Round Saw-ADD measures the sawing and guide friction radial forces from the arbor outside of the sawbox. The forces are detected a half-second faster than the motor current, thereby reducing peek stresses on the saws, allowing them to run longer and require less benching. Round Saw-ADD has also been shown to require no maintenance and increases throughput by as much as 18 per cent with better quality lumber and no saw wrecks. Meanwhile, Band Saw-ADD has a new design that further integrates force sensors into the lower guide block holder and measures the lateral forces on the saw blade for increases up to eight per cent.


The Vollmer CHX 1300, a new grinding machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter up to 51 inches, machines tooth faces and tops in a single clamping process to reduce set-up time thanks to a double grinding wheel. With five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX 1300 can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries. The HS automation solution ensures automatic loading of the CHX for unmanned operation of up to seven hours. This machine is ideal for sawmill operators, sharpening specialists and furniture makers.


Sharptool produces and offers a wide range of circular saws including, but not limited to: spline arbor saws, strob saws, trim saws, truss saws, groovers, rip saws, cut off saws, pallet recycle saws, custom saws and more. Sharptool’s spline arbor saws are the highest quality splines on the market. Tensioned to saw filers’ requirements, the splines will maximize mills’ potential.


Cortex North America, a manufacturer of reversible knife systems and chipping heads, has introduced the new Modular Cam System for drum style chipping heads.  The system allows for micro adjustments with shims to modify the height of the cam to maintain proper log control.  The system results in lower operating costs through less changes of wear parts, and improved production with proper log control.

Wright Machine Tool

Wright machine tool

The MC-1000 mist collector is a compact unit with superior performance. The unit direct-mounts onto the sharpener and uses fibre bed filtration that is ideal for high pressure coolant and oil applications. Collected liquids drain back into the machine. The first stage mechanical element separates 90 per cent of mist and swarf. The second stage de-mister element supports the first stage with a washable filter. The third stage fibre bed mist filter captures small mist particles, rated MERV 15. The fourth stage HEPA filter captures submicron mist, smoke, and bacteria. The HEPA filter uses exclusive heavy-duty filter media for the most hold and longest lasting filter on the market.

Supersaul Chemmex

Supersaul Chemmex has developed a practical and efficient way to reduce sawing consumables for guided saw systems. The company decided to explore implementing its lube technologies in hardware in a practical and effective way. Users familiar with Supersaul’s guide lube are aware of the benefits. These benefits can now be enjoyed regardless of a saw filer’s preferred lubricant. The new hardware has design efficiencies built into it that not only save on daily and monthly consumables but also provide excellent sawing performance improvements. Saw box consumable savings are looking to be a minimum of a 25 per cent reduction.

Burton Saw & Supply

The CTM-13 Coolant filtration system is a portable unit suitable for use on multiple saw or knife sharpeners or it can be dedicated to a single unit. The CTM-13 rapidly removes carbide, cast metals, and ceramic grinding materials from oil- and/or water-based synthetic coolants. Coolant filtration improves grinding finishes, reduces cobalt leaching, reduces wheel loading, and greatly extends coolant life. The unit filters up to 13 gallons per minute, works in oil- and water-based synthetic coolants, includes an intake hose and coolant return hose and is GFI-protected for safe operation. Users can create a healthier work environment and protect their machinery investment with Model CTM-13 filtration system.

SiCam Systems

SiCam’s SawTrack uses existing or new saw deviation sensors to provide critical saw performance trends. SiCam provides systems to control speed but goes beyond with powerful software to simplify reporting, trend saw performance and measure size. SiCam integrates with most optimizers to compare predicted solutions and actual results. Analyzing size, face and optimizer data allows SiCam to implement its latest solution, Closed Loop Size Control. SiCam can make controlled automated adjustments to a line using this proven technology, allowing mills to stay consistently on size.

Armstrong mfg

Maintaining a consistent, well-designed gullet shape over the course of both the bandsaw blade and abrasive wheel’s useful life, across multiple shifts and on multiple sharpening machines, is a challenge faced in many filing rooms. Armstrong Mfg’s new ShapeUp Pro is a very effective tool for achieving this worthy goal. The ShapeUp Pro uses a template based on a filer’s gullet design to help both new and experience saw filers exactly duplicate their gullet shape into their abrasive wheel time and again. Regardless of how many radii are used, the ShapeUp Pro will do the job. When combined with Linear Slides it makes for a strong, productive, consistent and saw-quality package.

Simonds international

The LK-Pro2 is the ideal machine for both automatic saw tip removal and automatic retipping for mid-size to large sawmills looking to support their saw filing team. With a tipping speed of 13 tips per minute and its user-friendly icon-based CNC interface, robust design and construction, compact size and patented non-vibrating clog-free tip feed and sort bowl, the LK-Pro2 is setting a new standard in what North American sawmills should expect from their automatic saw tipping machine. Available options include: the innovative tip removal function, automatic laser driven diameter detection, Vee Tip capability and new robot load/unload capability.

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