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AAHP pleased with Chinese import decision

June 14, 2016 - Last week, the U.S. Court of International Trade issued a decision in the appeal by the Coalition for Fair Trade of Hardwood Plywood (the “petitioners”) of the International Trade Commission’s unanimous final determination that Chinese imports of hardwood plywood neither injure nor threaten with injury the U.S. hardwood plywood industry.

June 14, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

The decision itself is confidential and under court seal until later in June.

The attorneys for the American Alliance for Hardwood Plywood (AAHP) have studied the opinion and are quite pleased with the decision. It is yet another milestone victory in our fight against the petitioners’ baseless claims.

According to AAHP’s attorneys, the judge’s ruling is “like giving the ITC an A on its term paper but asking them to fill out footnote citations to raise its grade to an A+.”


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