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AFPA award winners announced

Oct. 8, 2014, Jasper – At its 72nd Annual General Meeting and Conference, the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) recognized the excellence of AFPA member companies, contractors, and employees. Awards were presented in several categories, including health and safety and lumber grading. An award in the Government of Alberta's EnviroVista Program was also presented to an AFPA member.

AFPA President and CEO Paul Whittaker said, "We are proud of our industry and the people who work in it. Their dedication every day ensures safe and healthy workplaces, products of exceptional quality, and superior environmental performance." Whittaker noted that the industry is a major social and economic contributor to 50 communities throughout the province and produces sustainably-sourced building materials and pulp and paper products.

The Health and Safety awards, co-sponsored by Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, recognize superior performance in forest industry health and safety. Recipients are chosen based on criteria that include participation in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program, audit results, and on-the-job performance.

Health and Safety Excellence (2013)

Company, Location/Award Sector

La Crete Sawmills Ltd., La Crete/Sawmill/Planer Mill (40,000 to 300,000 phw*)

Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, Drayton Valley/Sawmill/Planer Mill (more than 300,000 phw*)

Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, Grande Prairie/Pulp and Paper Mill

RangerBoard (West Fraser), Blue Ridge/Panelboard Mill

Roger's Logging Ltd., Guy/Woodlands Contractor (more than 40,000 phw*)

Outland Resources Inc., Edmonton/Silviculture Contractor (more than 40,000 phw*)


Outstanding Achievement in Health and Safety (2011-2013)

Company, Location/Award Sector

Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, Drayton Valley/Sawmill/Planer Mill (more than 300,000 phw*)

Slave Lake Pulp (West Fraser), Slave Lake/Pulp and Paper Mill

RangerBoard (West Fraser), Blue Ridge/Panelboard Mill

Timber Pro Logging Ltd., Clairmont/Woodlands Contractor (more than 40,000 phw*)

Next Generation Reforestation Ltd., Beaverlodge/Silviculture Contractor (more than 40,000 phw*)

Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, Drayton Valley/President's Award for Health and Safety Performance 2011-2013

*phw is person hours worked

"Our member companies and their contractors work very hard to ensure that their facilities and woodlands operations are safe and productive places to build a career," said Carola von Sass, the AFPA's Director of Health, Safety and Transportation. "Through strong partnerships between government and industry, we have seen consistent improvements in our safety record."

Lumber Grading Awards

A lumber grade is the quality control standard seen on every piece of dimensional lumber, engineered wood applications, finger-joined and other glued lumber products. Lumber grading is linked to building codes, safety codes and CSA standards. Skilled employees at the mill site inspect and grade each piece of lumber produced. The Alberta Forest Products Association is the primary certification agency in Alberta, responsible for ensuring the quality control of each piece of stamped lumber originating from its members. Each year, the AFPA recognizes lumber graders that attain the highest certificate exam marks in three categories. The following awards are for the highest marks achieved in the AFPA Lumber Grade Schools held in the Fall 2013 and the Spring 2014.

Grader Name/Company,Location/Award Category

Allan Ochsner/Weyerhaeuser, Drayton Valley/Novice Category

Shawn Moulun/Weyerhaeuser, Grande Prairie/Grader Category

Francis Blackduck/Rocky Wood Preservers, Rocky Mountain House/"AA" Category

Norm Dupuis, Director of the AFPA's Grade Bureau commended the winners on their achievements. "Effective lumber grading is essential to consumer confidence in the safety and durability of our products. The winners should be proud of their dedication and contributions to the industry."

EnviroVista Award

EnviroVista is part of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development's Partners in Resource Excellence program. To qualify as an EnviroVista Champion, companies must commit to an enhanced level of environmental performance. This includes participating in a stewardship agreement, implementing a robust monitoring system, demonstrating a sound level of environmental compliance, and having strong emissions performance.

Company Name/Location EnviroVista Status
Alberta Newsprint Company, Whitecourt EnviroVista Champion

Keith Murrray, Director of Environment and Forestry applauded Alberta Newsprint Company for their commitment to the environment. "Alberta's forest products industry takes the environment very seriously. It is critical for the future of Alberta and our industry. Alberta Newsprint Company's commitment and performance is outstanding."

October 9, 2014  By  Amie Silverwood

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