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AFPA launches #Foresters social media campaign

June 19, 2018 - The Alberta Forest Products Association announced the launch of its #Foresters social media campaign on Tuesday. The campaign will focus on telling the stories of the women and men who work to manage Alberta’s 38 million hectares of forested lands.

“Foresters are unique professionals,” said AFPA president and chief executive officer Paul Whittaker. “They have a solid academic background combined with an intimate connection with the land they work to manage. Foresters also bring an incredible passion for our landbase and environment to their job. It is a real pleasure to tell their stories.”

Six video profiles of Alberta forestry professionals will be at the core of the campaign. A new video will be released at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesdays for the campaign's duration. Videos and other content can be found on the AFPA’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the association’s website.

Alberta has more than 1,500 forestry professionals, including Registered Professional Foresters and Registered Professional Forest Technologists. These professions are governed by the College of Alberta Professional Foresters and the College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists. Forestry professionals are required to pass licensing examinations, abide by a code of conduct, and engage in regular professional development.

Forestry education in Alberta is available through the University of Alberta’s forestry program and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s forest technology diploma program.

Alberta’s forest products industry directly employs 20,000 people and creates employment for an additional 38,000 through its economic activity. The industry employs many forestry professionals, who help to ensure that forest management is carried out in a sustainable manner.

June 19, 2018  By Alberta Forest Products Association

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