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AI in forestry: Bringing theory to reality at OptiSaw

Oct. 2, 2018 - The current generation of AI is a long way from science fiction. “We are not at HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Skynet from The Terminator, yet this is what we continue to imagine is not only possible but also available in our industry. This is simply not the case,” says Rory Armes, founder of Eight Solutions.

October 2, 2018  By  Maria Church

What is available right now, he says, is cheap AI. “This is actually a good thing, something that will bring tremendous value quickly to the forest industry. Cheap AI means we can install working systems quickly, we can see value fast, and we can afford it.”

Dive into this topic and much more at OptiSaw – the one-day education forum for those driving the future of sawmilling. Hosted by CFI magazine, OptiSaw is returning to Eastern Canada to hold an information-packed event in Montreal on Nov. 28.

Featured presentation: AI in forestry: Bringing theory to reality

Rory Armes will dive into the world of cheap AI, which encompasses the concept of predictive insights: surfacing up valuable, live information to the humans in the process.


There is a massive opportunity in the forest industry to grab the concept of cheap AI right now and start to bring predictive insights into the key areas. Rory will explore the steps, and technology necessary to get you into the world of predictive insights.

Don’t wait to sign up. The forum is limited to an exclusive audience of sawmill management and owners, process engineers, continual improvement managers, optimization staff, researchers and design consultants. Register now to secure your seat at the table.

See the full agenda and register online at www.optisaw.com

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