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Allied Blower tests world’s largest back blast dampers

Jan. 30, 2018 - With many wood processing facilities demanding larger system capabilities Allied Blower & Sheet Metal has successfully certified a line of BBDs that reach sizes up to 50” (1270 mm) in diameter. 

When comparing the options of using a Passive Mechanical System or an Active Chemical Suppression system the Mechanical Systems are perceived to have less maintenance costs due to simplicity in function, design, training requirements, and the low frequency of inspections. 

With a mechanical BBD, mill staff do not need specialized training or tools when inspecting and keeping maintenance records for NFPA compliance, as they would require with an Active Chemical system. This results in more up-time, allowing for more production.

The Allied BBDs are built in Canada and designed for easy installation, inspection, and maintenance.  The instrumentation meets North American standards to easily integrate into a plant or mill PLC system and is available in Class 2 Div 2. 

The BBD can resist a vented dust collector explosion reaching a Pred of 5 psi (0.35 bar) for dusts with a Kst of up to 200 bar-m/sec. This range provides safe operation for a large range of deflagrable dusts used in industry. 

A combination of Allied BDD and an Allied’s NFPA certified rotary feeders can provide NFPA compliant passive isolation for large sized systems. 

Located in Western Canada, Allied is owner-operated, making for short lead times and easily available replacement components. Being familiar with North American standards and technologies as well as European technologies and systems, the knowledgeable Allied design team can support your deflagrable dust issues and help you get back into compliance.

Founded in 1974, Allied supplies design, fabrication, installation and service for industrial air systems.  For more info visit www.alliedblower.com.

January 30, 2018  By Allied Blower & Sheet Metal

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