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Aspen Planers curtails production at Merritt sawmill

May 31, 2019  By Aspen Planers Ltd.

Photo source: www.aspenplaners.ca

Aspen Planers Ltd. announces further production curtailments at their Merritt, B.C., sawmill reducing operations from two shifts per day to only one shift.

“Due to the ongoing lack of access to logs, increased log costs and weakening lumber markets, Aspen Planers will curtail production and reduce operations to one shift per day starting Monday, June 3,” said Aspen Planers’ executive vice-president, Bruce Rose.

“The decision to curtail production does not reflect the commitment or hard work demonstrated by our employees,” said Rose. “Our decision to reduce production is a result of the challenging industry conditions in B.C.

“As the major employer in this area, we have a responsibility to our employees, our community, and the hundreds more that depend upon Aspen Planers for their economic livelihood here in Merritt and other areas including Savona and Lillooet,” said Rose. “We are a family-owned business that has operated for more than 70 years, and we will continue to seek economic opportunities that are sustainable for our company and the communities that depend upon our commerce.”


Since last November, Aspen Planers attempted to keep as many people in the community employed through periodic weekly shutdowns. However, for the long-term economic sustainability of the Merritt operations, which includes manufacturing in Savona and Lillooet, Aspen Planers must now reduce production further.

Unlike other major sawmilling companies in British Columbia, Aspen Planers has less dedicated timber tenures and relies mostly upon the open market and business alliances within the community to acquire their logs for their sawmilling operations. Aspen Planers is the last sawmilling company in Merritt.

Aspen Planers employs 1,100 employees throughout British Columbia with operations in the Southern Interior, Surrey, Port Moody, and on Vancouver Island. As a BC, family-owned company that started over 70 years ago in the Merritt area, Aspen Planers continues to plan to reinvest in British Columbia.

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