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Autolog’s releases new tracheid sensor

June 19, 2015 – Autolog recently released its new knot identification technology based on the detection of wood fibre orientation. The new TBS-2 sensor uses a dual laser technology to maximize tracheid data collection for high accuracy knot detection.

The first laser emits a series of dots, which is spaced at 1/4” and the second laser emits a solid line spaced at 1/2” from the dotted line.

The first laser line provides information on the direction of the fibre and the second laser line provides information on the dispersion of light in the fibre. By combining this data, the TBS-2 sensor is designed to identify knots with a very high level of accuracy and with virtually no false detection.

This sensor is the first in a new series that can operate at upwards of 4,000 ft./min.  

The operating speed of the sensor is designed to allow for readings to be taken at 1/8” (0.125”) at 4,000 ft./min. It also operates at a speed of 1/10” (0.100”) at 3,000 ft. /min.

June 19, 2015  By Autolog

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