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Automated bandsaw bench features new ‘learning mode’

Sept. 5, 2017 - The Simonds 095 AB is the newest model that can level, tension, adjust the back, and set the tire line. And unlike other auto benches, the Simonds AB has a new “Learning Mode”.

September 5, 2017  By Simonds

This learning mode allows filers to put up the saw in the manner that best suits their application, then load the saw on the Simonds AB. The unit will then learn the bench work specifications, which can then be stored and saved using the memory function. This will allow filers repeatability, over and over again, each time they reload the same saw or different saws.

Interesting to note: when cycling the same bandsaw over and over the AB after usage, this serves to tighten up the bandsaw specifications. Simonds has actually seen and documented a decrease in new bandsaw sales because of this effective technology.

Simonds has over 200 automated bandsaw benches in the field North America since their development in 1998.

Here is a link to a four-minute video of Simonds’ newest auto bandsaw bench: the Simonds 095: vimeo.com/168205514 


Find more information on the Simonds website: www.simondsint.com/equipment/Pages/Items/91590500.aspx 

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