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B.C.’s North Island College launches two new coastal forestry programs

June 10, 2020
By PJ Boyd
Photo: Annex Business Media

Beginning in October, students interested in working within Canada’s forestry industry will have the opportunity to study and become job-ready as North Island College (NIC) located on Vancouver Island will be launching two new forestry programs, reports the Campbell River Mirror.

The Coastal Forest Worker certificate and the Coastal Forest Technology diploma are designed to give students entry level training. The certificate program is a four-month program that includes forest engineering, technology and timber cruising. The diploma program lasts two years, covering aspects of the B.C. forest industry. Students will receive an accreditation as a Registered Forest Technician.

“The skills students will gain will help to fill a variety of leadership and technical roles to support the sustainable management of our forest sector,” says Coleen MacLean-Marlow, NIC Coastal Forestry instructor and registered professional forester.



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