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Banking on volume

Feb. 11, 2015, Williams Lake – When it comes to processing dead pine, it's all about speed. And if you can pick up a few stems at a time, it will make the job a lot quicker. That's what was on display today a short drive from Williams Lake, BC.

Tolko's Fibre Flow Manager for the Cariboo Woodlands, Eric Pascas, took Canadian Forest Industries to a logging site where a contractor was using a Southstar harvesting head for multi-stem processing in a region where the mountain pine beetle had devestated the forest. The trees in the region are small and if the processor can pick up a few stems at a time, it has proven to be much more efficient.

The Ilnicki Brothers' Logging has been working in the same region for decades. The family's third generation has joined the team with both sons and daughters now operating the heavy equipment. Over the past few years, the size and quality of the logs have been deteriorating quickly – which has made the multi-stem processing a good fit. It may not be as precise as single-stem harvesting but when dealing with small, low quality logs, it's important to grow the pile quickly.

Watch Canadian Forest Industries for a full profile on the Ilnicki Brothers' Logging Ltd.

February 11, 2015  By  Amie Silverwood

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