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BC Forest Safety Council and FPInnovations work together to improve forest industry safety performance

April 5, 2018 - The CEO of the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC), Rob Moonen, and the president and CEO of FPInnovations, Stéphane Renou, are pleased to announce that the two organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively on enhancing safety performance in the forest industry by sharing leading, innovative scientific and technical applications.

Under the MOU, individual projects and financial support agreements for specific activities will be identified through consultation between the two parties, with FPInnovations providing research expertise and non-proprietary technical resources or materials to assist the BCFSC in improving or expanding the support it provides to the forest industry to reduce serious injuries and fatalities.

“This MOU supports some of our key strategic objectives, namely to link safety and business success in a meaningful way and to improve the distribution and awareness of industry current best practices, guidelines and standards, while improving collaboration with government agencies and other stakeholders," said Rob Moonen, BC Forest Safety Council CEO. "Promoting innovation, science and technical solutions in support of improving safety in the forestry industry is key to long-term success.” 

Examples that are currently underway include a steep slope harvesting calculator, feller buncher rollover analysis, fatigue and distraction technologies, a winch-assist harvester best practice manual and body cams for fallers.

“This MOU reflects the importance for the forest sector of increasing safety as a key metric of industrial performance and demonstrates the industry’s commitment to seek innovative solutions to managing risks. FPInnovations values this partnership as an opportunity to drive its research and expertise to field practitioners and achieve safer operations for forest workers,” said Stéphane Renou, president and CEO, FPInnovations.

April 5, 2018  By BC Forest Safety Council & FPInnovations

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