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Legislation overhauls forest management

Forest Act amendments introduced by the B.C. government are aimed at improving forest management.

February 22, 2013  By The Vancouver Sun

The legislation proposes to add a new section to the Forest Act that will allow conversion of volume-based forest licences to area-based tree-farm licences in some cases, according to The Vancouver Sun.

The new law is based on recommendations in a 2012 report by the legislature’s special committee on timber supply. The committee held hearings and took submissions from First Nations, communities, industry officials and the public.

Volume-based tenures allow licensees to harvest a certain amount of timber within a specified timber supply area, allowing several licensees to operate in the same area. Area-based tenures grant a licensee virtually exclusive rights to harvest timber within a specified area.

According to the ministry, area-based tenures create an incentive for licence holders to improve forest management and to make infrastructure investments to improve timber supply.


“This would improve the stewardship of the timber supply,” said Forests Minister Steve Thomson in a conference call with reporters. “It’s clear this (conversion of a licence) would require a public process, ensuring full consultation.”

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