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B.C. lumber producers welcome government task force on softwood lumber

Feb. 22, 2017 - The BC Lumber Trade Council (BCLTC) welcomes the announcement Wednesday by Natural Resources Canada to establish a federal-provincial task force on softwood lumber.

“BC lumber producers welcome Minister Jim Carr’s initiative to create a task force on softwood lumber to share information and coordinate programs that promote innovation and market diversification in the forest sector,” said Susan Yurkovich, president of the BC Lumber Trade Council. “Coordination of efforts between the federal and provincial governments is critical as we work to understand the potential impacts of the softwood lumber trade dispute with the U.S. on our workers and communities.”

“We appreciate that the federal government, including the Prime Minister, Minister Chrystia Freeland, Minister Jim Carr and Ambassador David MacNaughton, have made softwood lumber a top priority,” said Yurkovich. “They, along with industry and provincial governments, are doing everything possible to defend our interests on softwood lumber.”

“We welcome this enhanced coordination between the federal and provincial governments,” added Yurkovich. “The BC Lumber Trade Council will continue to work alongside governments to seek a resolution to this dispute.”

B.C. is the largest producer of softwood lumber and represents about 50 per cent of Canadian exports to the U.S. The B.C. forest industry is the cornerstone of the provincial economy, and supports approximately 145,000 direct and indirect jobs in the province. The BC Lumber Trade Council is the voice on trade matters for companies in British Columbia representing the majority of B.C. lumber production.

February 22, 2017  By BC Lumber Trade Council

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