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BC once again changing the rules for taking back forest tenures: Teal-Jones

February 8, 2022  By CFI staff

Teal-Jones Group's small log sawmill in Surrey, B.C. Photo: Annex Business Media

Teal-Jones Group says it is reconsidering planned investments in its wood products business in B.C. because of the province’s changing rules around forest tenures.

The privately owned forest products business, headquartered in Surrey, B.C., says the new direction of forest policy in B.C. is making it an unreliable and unattractive place to invest.

“That uncertainty and repeated failure of B.C. governments to follow their own rules unless ordered to by the courts was in part what compelled Teal Jones to invest in mills in the U.S., to spread our risk around and invest in jurisdictions that have proven more reliable and predictable,” the company said in its latest blog post.

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