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B.C. Saw Filers Convention focuses on innovation

April 30, 2016 - The B.C. Saw Filers Association’s annual convention and trade show focused on innovation, safety and education. 

The convention saw more than 220 people come out to the Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre in Kamloops, B.C. to check out the latest technologies for the filing room.

The first day of the convention offered attendees a firsthand look at products like BGR Saws’ new SawControl 800V2, which offers features such as quad-view technology from four simultaneous cameras, a wide variety of saw information accesible via smartphone, and S.A.M.; the company’s unique saw blade automatic measuring software; and Williams & White’s fully programmable Auto Stretcher 36X2, which stores more than 100 saw profiles.

The second day of the convention offered attendees sessions on combustible dust, quality control, new sawmill technology, V-top saw teeth and an update on the Saw Filer Program run by Industry Training Authority B.C. (ITA).

Vince Strain, senior regional officer for WorkSafe BC, reminded attendees that all sawmill operations in the province will face at least one combustible dust management inspection in 2016. Strain also mentioned that WorkSafe’s next steps related to dust management will include expanding beyond the sawmill sector into shake and shingle, pulp mills, wood pellet and OSB plants, and finger joint and reman operations. The inspection approach will have a continued focus on dust mitigation and controls with an emphasis on audit and review.

Strain told the crowd that mill employees need to be vigilant in their efforts to minimize combustible dust hazards.

“A program is only as good as the people participating in that program,” he said. “The people that do the work know best on how to manage the issues.”

The next BC Saw Filers Convention will take place on April 28-29, 2017 in Kamloops, B.C.

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