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B.C. to improve fire inspections

The B.C. government will announce changes meant to fill gaps in fire code inspections at sawmills and other industrial plants in small and remote communities, and on First Nation reserves.

October 31, 2012  By  John Tenpenny

Accordint to The Vancouver Sun, WorkSafeBC officers, who already inspect sawmills and other industrial facilities for general worker safety, will be trained to check those plants specifically to ensure fire safety. It’s an area in which WorkSafeBC does not normally have jurisdiction.

B.C. Safety Authority officers, who have responsibility for heavy industrial equipment, will do the same.

The B.C. government will also set aside $1 million for fire inspection training, company education and to produce computer software to smooth communication between agencies such as WorkSafeBC, the B.C. fire commissioner’s office and the B.C. Safety Authority.

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