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BCFSC appoints new falling program manager

Sept. 12, 2016 - The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Glenn Hestnes as the new Falling Program Manager effective Oct. 21, 2016. Glenn takes over from Peter Sprout, who retires on Oct. 20, 2016 to pursue new challenges.

September 12, 2016  By BC Forest Safety Council

Glenn brings more than 30 years of diverse falling and industry experience to his new role. He was most recently a Falling Safety Advisor for the past two-and-a-half years at the BCFSC. He is a Certified Faller, QST, certified danger tree blaster, critical incident investigator and a licensed BC scaler.

Glenn brings a strong passion for falling safety to his new role. He truly cares about fallers and has a proven track record of going above and beyond in his support for the falling community. He sets high standards for himself and those around him, driven by a personal commitment to make a difference. He also brings a solid and hands-on understanding of best practices in production falling and bucking to his new role.

Glenn started out as a faller in 1981 in Port McNeill, where he worked for nine years before establishing himself as an independent falling contractor for 10 years. He then did helicopter contract falling with Vancouver Island Helicopters and pole harvesting contracting for Western Forest Products before joining the company full-time as firstly quality coordinator and then dryland sort manager. It is this mix of hands-on falling, supervisory, independent contractor and licensee experience that gives Glenn an invaluable background in the breadth of industry interests he will support in his new role.

“I believe falling is one of the best professions in the world. Every day I am motivated by what needs to get done to help industry ensure that every faller gets home safe – the knowledge, technology, discipline, focus, resource tools, supervision and mentoring,” said Glenn. “I look forward to continuing to support fallers and industry in my new role.”


The BCFSC’s CEO, Rob Moonen, said: “I would like to thank all applicants for participating in the search. I am pleased to have Glenn join the leadership team at the BCFSC and look forward to his passion and commitment in leading the falling program and ensuring that the voice of fallers continues to be well-heard.”

The BCFSC’s falling program department focuses on faller safety by administering faller certification, promoting safe falling practices and advocacy, training and facilitating falling supervisor certification, providing confidential falling company reviews, dangerous tree faller blasting support, and contract supervisor awareness training as well as supporting industry faller training.

The BCFSC is the health and safety association for forest harvesting, sawmills and pellet manufacturing in BC. The BCFSC works with forest sector employers, workers, unions, contractors and provincial government agencies to support industry in implementing changes necessary to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in the forest sector. Safety is good business. See www.bcforestsafe.org

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