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There are a variety of harvesting heads on the market targeting the larger end of the log size spectrum. They aren’t all up to making the 120-ft. poles that Beaver Fever Contracting is harvesting, but they all address the need for more power in big wood. Here are some options.

July 3, 2012  By  Trina Dillon


Cat PF-48


The PF-48 is a fixed head with a maximum knife opening of 788 mm (31 in.); maximum full coverage delimbing capacity of 480 mm (19 in.) and high torque Poclain feed motors with speeds of 4.3 m/sec. The 4-roller design gives the head more contact with the tree for better feeding and more torque than a two-roller head. The hydraulics and valve body are mounted on the carrier — not out on the head getting slammed into the ground and taking the abuse. Other features add to the head’s robustness: the knife cylinder pin anchors into the frame, dissipating the stress that could cause cracking in the knife cylinder mounting. The thick saw cover reduces the chance of damage from falling limbs.



Log Max 10000 Xtreme

As Log Max’s largest harvester head in serial production, the 10000 XT weighs in at just under 7000 lbs. and is available in a harvester version or a dedicated processor.

Designed specifically for tracked carriers, the Log Max 10000 XT features an integrated topsaw, can cut wood up to 35.4 in. diameter and boasts a feed force of over 10,000 lbs. As in other Log Max models, the 10000 XT also features the Log Max patented top knife positioning sensor to minimize friction losses and maximize feeding efficiencies. When faced with big wood and the toughest applications, the 10000 XT will provide the logging industry with a productive and durable head for the most XTREME conditions.


Tigercat TH575

The new Tigercat TH575 harvesting head is specifically designed to match the high performance capabilities of Tigercat track carriers in harvesting, processing and debarking applications. It is best suited to dedicated forestry carriers from 200-300 hp for harvesting softwood and hardwood in the 5-58 cm (2-23 in.) diameter range. The heavy-duty structureprovides longevity and high uptime in demanding harvesting and processing applications.

Key benefits include three knife arms and two fixed knives for excellent delimbing capability; three-wheel drive system achieves faster feeding speeds and superior feeding power; unique measuring control with large diameter measuring wheel for improved accuracy; heavy-duty structure, taper-lock pins, isolation mounted valve assemblies and clean hose routings for high uptime.



The Ponsse H8 was built to sustain enough feed power to handle larger trees. With a roller opening to a maximum of 740mm (29 in.), the H8 uses distinctive grip geometry to provide an easier hold for large stems. Lighter than many big wood harvester head options, Ponsse’s largest model weighs just 1,300kg (2,860 lbs.).
The H8 specializes in user-friendly features to make adjustments easier during the job, like better control of feed rollers and blade grip pressure, and feed acceleration and deceleration. With one stationary and four hydraulically movable knives, the H8 has innovations that significantly speed up harvesting, and ensures optimum sawing efficiency.


Waratah 623C, 624C, 626 Bigwood

Waratah has three current big wood harvesters for those contractors who are faced with a constant diet of large wood for both handling and processing.  These three harvesters are also designed to be matched to specific carrier sizes so Waratah customers can choose the appropriate package and capital investment that fits their individual business.

The Waratah 623C weighs 2800kg (6160 lbs.) and packs big wood performance into a head perfectly matched to the 25-ton carrier class. Equipped with a standard ¾ pitch saw, the same 1048cc drive motors as our 624C design, and a single lower delimb arm for improved support while cross cutting, the 623C is a great performer in coastal wood and mixed hardwoods. 

The Waratah 624C model weighs 3386 kg (7510 lbs.) and is Waratah’s flagship in big wood harvesting and processing for 30-35 ton carriers. Big feeding performance in 23-28 in. wood, heavy frame and delimb arms, robust ¾ saw, and a new valve design providing increased oil flow for multi functioning are the highlights. Waratah also offers a fixed wrist version of its 624C for those customers requiring additional control while handling and piling.

The Waratah 626 Bigwood weighs 4720kg (10,384 lbs.) and is designed for those customers blessed with constant diets of very large wood requiring ease of handling and bigwood performance. The 626 is best suited to 35-40 ton carriers and offers a large ¾ saw, 1395cc drive motors, fabricated delimb arms, and a 100,000 lb. capacity rotec bearing for increased longevity in bigwood conditions.


Keto 870DS

Quadco, the exclusive distributor of Keto harvesting heads in North-America has teamed up with Keto to develop just what you’ve been waiting for, a new harvester head featuring the Quadco 29 in. ( 73.7 cm ) intermittent disc saw eliminating bar and chain maintenance.   Other new features include the Keto Power Tilt linkage for head control, new track frame mounts, and updated knives and valves. A trademark feature of Keto is the unique track feeding system for gentle log handling and the best track based measuring system.   The head is ideal for processing larger timber in the landings and felling/CTL applications in challenging forest conditions.


Southstar Equipment Ltd.

Southstar Equipment, based out of Kamloops, B.C., has launched the 23 in. TS585 Harvester Processor. This model has been in operation and evolved over many years with some units clocking over 10,000 hours. With its wide platform frame completely built out of high tensile steal, and cylinders designed to handle the most extreme applications, there have been no corners cut in engineering development of this head. It comes with a time proven Danfoss hydraulic valve, matched to a computer control system that is easy to use and operator-friendly. The TS585 harvester/processor has proven itself to be one of the toughest on the market with exceptional standards for service, quality, reliability and production.


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