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BioLuma 2900LVG green mill sensor

May 13, 2016 - USNR’s BioLuma 2900LVG integrates GrainMap (grain angle), HD colour vision and HD laser profiles at speeds of 2500 Hz. It’s one of the most advanced transverse sawmill sensors for edger and trimmer optimization.

GrainMap grain angle measurement affords more comprehensive defect analysis; it allows the optimizer to detect and classify more defects than a system without the benefit of this capability. HD colour images let your optimizer identify and classify minute defects for accurate grade classification, and HD laser profile measurements at the fastest data capture available let your system collect and analyze more complete data.

With nearly 100 BioLuma scanning systems installed worldwide, we’ve proven their value and performance for a broad range of processing applications. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

May 13, 2016  By USNR

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