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Bandit introduces new track carriers

Oct. 7, 2013 - In response to increasing demand for specialty land clearing equipment, Bandit Industries has enhanced its line of track carriers. Leading the charge is the all-new Model 3750.

Designed to operate with low ground pressure, this machine can be equipped with either a mulching forestry mower head or a hydrostatic stump grinding head. The Model 3750 combines the smaller size and lighter weight of the Model 3500 with the larger cab and forestry mower head of the Model 4000, and it rides on a CAT 315 undercarriage with 800mm-wide pads. This gives the Model 3750 a ground pressure of just 3.9 PSI.

"We've had requests from numerous customers for a high-powered forestry mower that can better traverse soft and sensitive ground," said Jason Morey, Bandit's large and small equipment sales manager. "The Model 3750 was built precisely for this purpose, but it's also proven to be an excellent machine for general-purpose land clearing thanks to the wide tracks and lower weight."

The Model 3750 is available with up to 275 horsepower and features an 84-inch wide Bandit-designed forestry mower than can mulch up to a height of 72 inches. Like all Bandit track carriers, the Model 3750 features a deluxe operators cab that includes a six-way adjustable seat, electronic controls with state-of-the-art monitoring systems, rear-view cameras, on-board audio systems, and full climate control for operator comfort in all environments. The Model 3750 cab tilts forward for convenient access to vital hydraulic systems, allowing for easy maintenance. An interchangeable 40-inch diameter stump grinder wheel is also available.

The Model 3750 joins an expanding line of dedicated land clearing machines from Bandit Industries. After an extensive period of field evaluation, the compact Model 3000 is also gaining considerable popularity as a lightweight, highly mobile land clearing machine ideally suited for construction site and right-of-way clearing where space is limited. Featuring up to 142 horsepower, a dedicated 72-inch wide forestry mower and a CAT 307 steel-track undercarriage, the Model 3000 can power through material while reaching areas difficult to access with larger machines.

"What we've been hearing most on the Model 3000 is its usable power and capability compared to its size," said Morey. "Most machines using a mulching head of this size have less horsepower. With the CAT undercarriage and available power, there really isn't any other clearing machine in the same category as the Model 3000."

The Model 3000 and Model 3750 join the Model 3500, Model 4000 and Model 5000 in Bandit's track carrier lineup. All are ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified and feature CAT steel-track undercarriages. Intermediate-scale land clearing operations are ideal for the Model 3000 and Model 3500, while the Model 4000 and Model 5000 specialize in large scale clearing operations. The Model 3750 fits neatly in the middle, delivering a perfect combination of power, productivity, maneuverability and class-leading flotation to land clearing professionals.

For more information, go to www.banditchippers.com.

October 7, 2013  By press release

In response to increasing demand for specialty land clearing equipment

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