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Brunette Flare Butt Reducer improves log handling, recovery

Nov. 7, 2018 – Toney Lumber recently purchased a new Brunette Flare Butt Reducer, with the main objective of improving log handling and increasing recovery at their North Carolina sawmill. The Brunette Flare Butt Reducer is designed to meet this goal by turning troublesome logs into valuable timber. The advantages of installing this machine will be evident throughout the entire plant.

November 7, 2018  By Brunette Machinery

The key benefits of installing a Brunette Flare Butt Reducer are:

• Better log positioning for feeding sharp chains, canters or head rig carriages
• Cleaner chips because of elimination of bark inclusions in the flare butt
• Greater productivity due to more efficient log handling and sorting
• Increased recovery because of more accurate scanning and positioning
• Improved conveyance and alignment lead to higher yield
• Reduced maintenance due to less wear on saws and knives

When the flare butt ends are removed, log conveyance and alignment are more controlled, and scanning and log positioning are more accurate. Sand, pebbles and other debris that is often embedded in the butt end of logs are removed, thereby reducing wear on the saws and chipping knives. Removing large butt ends lessens log jams, which improves log handling. Double length infeeds and curve sawing machine centers will experience improved throughput as well as increased recovery. Machinery can accept larger diameter logs when the flare on the butt end no longer determines the processing dimension.

The Brunette Flare Butt Reducer’s unique design and innovative cutting geometry increases recovery, while its robust construction reduces maintenance and improves uptime for continual return on investment.


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