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Budworm moths moving from QC to NB?

The milllions of moths that have been carpeting parking lots, cars and even people in the Campbellton-Dalhousie area over the past couple of days are likely related to the dreaded spruce budworm.

Rob Johns, an insect ecologist with Natural Resources Canada, says the influx seems to be a migration of spruce budworm moths and is likely due the current weather conditions.

"These naturally warm weather conditions tend to cause updrafts, which allow the moths to be pulled up into the atmosphere and they can be carried hundredsof kilometres away."

Johns says this mass migration is likely coming down from the Baie Comeau area of Quebec, which is experiencing a spruce budworm outbreak.

Read the full story at the CBC site.

July 27, 2016  By  Scott Jamieson

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