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Canfor adds new sling sorters at North Carolina sawmill

January 25, 2022  By USNR

Photo: USNR.

Canfor is investing in 50 new sorter top sling bay assemblies at their planer mill facility in Graham, North Carolina. This massive overhaul will update the existing sling sorter frame and replace worn equipment with modern sling sorters from USNR.

The new sorter top assemblies will be fitted to the existing structural steel frame, offering a faster and more reliable sorting operation. Maximizing uptime and throughput are the primary objectives of this investment, and this sorter upgrade will ensure Canfor’s Graham location continues to run at peak performance.

With delivery times top of mind, USNR was able to offer a project completion date that met the goals of the project. The startup is scheduled for Q3 of 2022.

Sling Sorters offer gentle handling of lumber and are often utilized in appearance-grade planer mill applications. They are less costly to manufacture, with far less structural steel than a bin sorter design, while also offering gentle handling and performance.


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