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Canfor Clearwater license AAC 40% lower than in 2006

July 14, 2017 - Effective July 13, 2017, the allowable annual cut for Canadian Forest Products Ltd.’s Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 18, northwest of Clearwater, is 175,000 cubic metres, chief forester Diane Nicholls announced today.

July 14, 2017  By BC Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations

After five years, the cut level will decrease to 137,000 cubic metres.

While the mountain pine beetle epidemic has subsided and the salvage logging of dead pine has largely been completed in TFL 18, the harvest focus will be on salvaging dead stands and stands infested by other pests–such as spruce bark beetle and western balsam bark beetle.

The new cut level is 40 per cent less than the 290,000 cubic metres set in 2006 and reflects a return to lower harvest levels in place before the mountain pine beetle epidemic began.

“Now that the mountain pine beetle infestation has subsided and salvage harvesting in Tree Farm Licence 18 is complete, I am satisfied that this new allowable annual cut is sustainable, respects First Nations’ interests, takes into account biodiversity, wildlife and socio-economic concerns, and will facilitate the salvage of dead and infested spruce and balsam stands,” chief forester Diane Nicholls said.


TFL 18 covers an area of 74,266 hectares, of which, 53,306 hectares are available for timber harvesting. The leading tree species include spruce, lodgepole pine, balsam, Douglas-fir, western hemlock and western redcedar.

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