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Cat introduces new bunching saw

June 15, 2016 - Caterpillar Forest Products has introduced the new Cat HFW232 and Prentice SH-58 bunching saw. The new bunching saw, first unveiled at the East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition, also known as the Richmond Expo, will provide customers with greater value in terms of performance, reliability and durability, and serviceability.

June 15, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

The saw boasts improved cutting performance, increased single cut capacity (22.6 inches), and increased bunching capacity — which all combine to enable greater productivity and maximum revenue generation. In addition, the bunching saw features increased swell butt and low stump cutting capability plus design features to minimize width and improve symmetries for thinning applications

Wide towers and a low profile saw shaft and motor configuration give operators greater visibility through the saw to the disc. The same axis-bunching finger and gather arm improve durability while the traditional pin and bushing configuration provides extended life and lower owning costs.

The Cat wear surfaces (saw disc housing entrance, discharge chute, and skis) provide strong wear resistance in highly abrasive conditions, extending intervals between replacements to lower operating costs. All wear surfaces, including the replaceable saw disc housing liner, are simple and easy to replace and do not require the disc to be removed, which reduces downtime and owning costs.

Heavy-duty rubber clamps maximize uptime by holding the lift arm hoses at the rear of the head, eliminating bulkheads that may be susceptible to damage. The saw motor housing is enclosed, particularly where the hoses enter, in order to limit debris entry and reduce downtime to clean it out. Other improvements in guarding, access points, and a centralized saw housing grease bank (no grease zerks under the saw) further reduce maintenance time and improve safety.


The new Cat HFW232 Bunching saw matches the capabilities of Cat Wheel Feller Bunchers and fully leverages the PowerDirect Plus system, which optimizes machine efficiency, performance, and productivity.

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