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Cat offers high rotation seat for wheel skidders

March 22, 2017 - Caterpillar now offers the High Rotation Seat cab and an enhanced monitor display for Cat D Series wheel skidders. The High Rotation Seat cab offers 100 degrees of seat rotation and features the new Cat Advanced Ride Management (Cat ARM) seat suspension for ergonomics and comfort for the operator.

The ability to rotate the seat 100 degrees when picking up bunches, working and backing the skidder around the deck, and backing down long skid trails improves operator ergonomics and efficiency.

Combined with the integrated Cat ARM seat suspension, a four-point seat belt, and joystick steering, the High Rotation Seat reduces operator fatigue and provides leading ride quality for the operator. “Ride quality for the operator is best in class,” said Matt McDonald, Caterpillar Wheel Skidder Product Application Specialist.

The Cat High Rotation Seat design allows the use of the most productive, efficient and only powershift transmission in the market, delivering more wood to the deck more efficiently. It enables loggers to maximize profitability by increasing utilization of the skidder because of improved operator ergonomics and efficiency. It contributes to faster cycle times and longer skid distances, which reduce time and cost to move landings or decks.

A key safety advantage of the Cat High Rotation Seat is the utilization of the park brake to hold the machine in place when the operator is rotating the seat. The park brake will automatically apply when the seat is released. The machine is secured even in adverse terrain. Once the seat locks into position and an operator commands a direction, the park brake is released automatically, further improving safety.

Numerous safety interlocks ensure there is no accidental seat release command initiated at high speed, and the throttle pedal in the opposite position is disabled to ensure there is no accidental throttle command.

The proven powershift and lock-up torque converter technology distinguish Cat skidders since they do not utilize a hydrostatic drive system nor hydrostatic braking to hold the machine in place when the seat is rotated.

“Because we use the park brake to hold the machine in place when the operator rotates the seat, the skidder will not ‘creep’ even if it is on a slope,” said McDonald. “It enhances safety. And the proven powershift and lock-up torque converter means faster cycles when the skidder goes back into the woods empty.”

The semi-active Cat ARM seat suspension is a revolutionary development in seat suspension technology that Caterpillar has used in other products since 2013 and was introduced in skidders last year. The suspension adjusts the rate of damping in real time in response to changing ground conditions. Along with the four-point seat belt, the Cat ARM seat suspension stabilizes the operator and virtually eliminates end stop events for a smooth ride, reducing strain and fatigue.

“When we developed the Cat ARM seat suspension, the feedback we received from operators about ride quality was unanimous,” said McDonald. “The improvement in overall operator comfort is unparalleled.”

The new monitor display provides clean, clear digital gauges and intuitive features to monitor machine systems.

The High Rotation Seat cab also includes an electronic seat rotation release-lock, Cat comfort seat, seat-mounted joystick steering controls with integrated transmission controls, seat-mounted grapple controls, dual throttle and brake pedal for full control in both seat positions, and hinged left-hand armrest for emergency exit.

For more information, contact your nearest Cat dealer or go to www.cat.com/forestry.

March 22, 2017  By Caterpillar Inc.

Photo:Caterpillar Inc.

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