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Catalyst Paper reaches agreement on financing facilities

Catalyst Paper announced today that it has entered into a commitment letter with a Canadian chartered bank for a $175 million syndicated asset based loan facility (ABL Facility) maturing on the earlier of 5 years from date of closing and 90 days prior to maturity of any significant debt.

August 7, 2012  By  John Tenpenny

The ABL Facility is a pre-condition for Catalyst to exit from creditor protection and would provide for the refinancing of existing credit facilities to fund the operations of the Company on exit from creditor protection and for general corporate purposes thereafter. The collateral would primarily consist of all present and future working capital assets of the Company. The ABL borrowing base would be calculated on balances of eligible accounts receivable and inventory, less certain reserves. Customary fees are payable in connection with the ABL Facility. The ABL Facility is subject to the completion of a credit agreement, syndication, documentation and certain other conditions.

Catalyst also entered into a commitment letter with respect to a secured exit notes facility of up to US$80 million (Exit Facility). The Exit Facility provides Catalyst with backstop financing should additional funding be required to pay costs and expenses or manage other contingencies on exit from creditor protection.

“Having appropriate financing in place should enable a return to normal trade terms with our vendors as we exit from creditor protection and will, in turn, assure our customers of continued excellent service and product quality going forward,” said Catalyst President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin J. Clarke. “We kept high operating standards throughout this process and this gives us competitive momentum as we prepare to emerge successfully from CCAA in the near term.”

The Exit Facility will be provided by certain holders of Catalyst’s First Lien Notes and will be secured by a charge on certain assets of Catalyst and its subsidiaries ranking senior to the lien securing the $250 million of new secured notes (the Plan Notes) to be issued under the Second Amended Plan of Arrangement (the Amended Plan). Customary commitment fees for a facility of this nature are payable to the lenders in connection with the Exit Facility.


The Exit Facility of US$80 million, or a lesser amount at Catalyst’s option, or if Catalyst’s liquidity exceeds a specified amount, is available to Catalyst upon its exit from creditor protection, has a maturity date of four years from that exit and can be prepaid in whole or in part at any time for a premium initially of 3% and declining annually thereafter. The Exit Facility is subject to the completion of documentation and certain other conditions.

To provide sufficient time to complete documentation for the ABL Facility and Exit Facility and to satisfy the other conditions under the Amended Plan, Catalyst and certain noteholders have agreed to amend the Restructuring and Support Agreement dated March 11, 2012, as amended (the RSA) to extend the deadline for completion of the Amended Plan to September 14, 2012. The RSA and Amended Plan previously provided for completion within 45 days of the Canadian sanction order, which was obtained on June 28, 2012.

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