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CFI circulation continues to grow

Despite the tough climate in Canada's forest sector, the circulation of Canadian Forest Industries magazine continues to grow, according to the most recent CCAB/BPA audit statement (June 2012). The CCAB/BPA is an independent third-party circulation verification provider used by advertisers to ensure their message is reaching qualified readers.

October 2, 2012  By  John Tenpenny

Comparing the May/June 2012 audit statement with the prior audit issue (Nov/Dec 2011), qualified circulation is up 1.2 per cent. More importantly, in the period from the June 2010 audit to the most recent June 2012 audit, CFI magazine’s qualified circulation has grown by 17 per cent, making it the only audited forestry magazine to post qualified circulation growth in that period.

Comparing qualified circulation to Canadian forestry professionals only*, Canadian Forest Industries now holds a marked edge over its closest audited competitor, with 17 per cent higher Canadian circulation based on the May/June 2012 audit issues of both magazines.

Leading Sawmilling Circulation
Canadian Forest Industries also continues to dominate Canadian forestry magazines when it comes to the sawmilling sector of its circulation. Again comparing Canadian circulation only in the two key sawmilling categories reported in both May/June 2012 audit issues,** Canadian Forest Industries’ sawmill circulation is 53 per cent higher than its closest national competitor.

In the key markets of BC (+38 per cent) and Quebec (+150 per cent), Canadian Forest Industries brings sawmilling news and profiles to a notably wider audience through its Canadian Wood Products dedicated sawmill section. The margins in Atlantic Canada (+48 per cent) and Ontario/Prairies (+32 per cent) are also significant.


“Our subscriber service team, especially Carol Nixon, whom many of our readers deal with, has done an outstanding job of maintaining our circulation standards, despite several years of tough markets,” notes group publisher and editorial director Scott Jamieson. “We continue to ensure a solid wood processing focus in each issue, but that doesn’t mean much if you’re not reaching the industry. Hats off to Carol for making sure we do.”

For more information on the latest audit circulation information, click here. To join our subscribers and get your own copy, click here. To obtain copies of the actual circulation statements, contact Scott Jamieson at sjamieson@annexweb.com.

* Comparing Canadian circulation only from the CCAB (BPA) May/June 2012 audit issues of Canadian Forest Industries and Logging & Sawmilling Journal. Total qualified circulation for these issues including US readers was 13,426 for Canadian Forest Industries and 12,354 for Logging & Sawmilling Journal.
** Sawmilling circulation in all comparisons includes only Canadian sawmilling circulation in “Combined Logging & Sawmilling Companies” and “Sawmilling including planer mill” categories (2 and 3.a).

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