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CFI launches industry webinar series

It can be tough to get out to industry events and training opportunities in a remote business like forestry. In an effort to bring the information right to your desktop, Canadian Forest Industries and woodbusiness.ca has launched a series of monthly industry webinars dealing with specific topics ranging from lumber drying efficiency and quality to dust safety, resource roadbuilding and marketing.

Building on our experience in other markets and the latest in interactive webinar software, we've created a series that is:

  • Easy to use: Just register and click on the webinar link a few minutes ahead of time - that's it.
  • Time effective: No need to go anywhere - you and your staff can watch it from your desk, boardroom or lunchroom. Just 30 to 55 minutes, with time for questions.
  • Affordable: No travel costs, no staff mileage. For $25 you can assemble your whole team in the boardroom, or show it to new staff later on.
  • Valuable: We're bringing in expert in their fields, and asking them to leave you with take-aways you can use.
  • Responsive: If you have a topic you think we should cover, let us know and we'll look for the right expert to do it.
  • Interactive: Ask questions, get answers, arrange follow up.

From now until the end of 2015, look for the following topics:

  1. 10 Steps to becoming a top quartile lumber dryer
  2. Resource roadbuilding - Optimum grading
  3. Dust explosion mitigation: A three-part series on assessing risk, building and maintaining the right control systems, and minimizing liability in this crucial area.
  4. Wood market development - Tall building progress
  5. Drying efficiency
  6. Remote sensing and mapping for resource roads
  7. Using UAV's in the resource sector
  8. Opportunities for biomaterials

To learn more or register for the first drying webinar, click here. To share a possible webinar topic, email Andrew Macklin at amacklin@annexweb.com.

February 25, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

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