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‘Challenging’ conditions leads Mosaic to curtail logging operations

November 25, 2019
By Maria Church

Photo by Maddy Roll.

Roughly 2,000 coastal loggers are off the job today. Employer Mosaic Forest Management announced last week it is curtailing its harvesting operations on Vancouver Island and coastal B.C. due to current market conditions.

The B.C. contractor released a statement Thursday announcing the Nov. 25 shutdown, noting the company’s “first priority is safety and getting everyone back to work as soon as markets allow.”

Mosaic communications manager Pam Agnew told the Campbell River Mirror the company will begin production shutdown this week, but will continue planning and silviculture operations, “to ensure that we are ready to resume harvesting when the market outlook improves.”

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Mosaic formed last year as a partnership between TimberWest and Island Timberlands.

The company’s logging shutdown news comes less than a week after the latest round of negotiations broke down between Western Forest Products and the union representing its striking workers. The strike, which began July 1, has ground much of the coast’s forest products industry to a halt.



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2 Comments » for ‘Challenging’ conditions leads Mosaic to curtail logging operations
  1. Travis Bradshaw says:

    Congratulations Vancouver Island. Mosaic is a first class operation and you will be hard pressed to find anyone less interested in your concerns. Don’t bitch about it either as they have more important employees than you, the kind that are paid to deal with social media and the pissants like you who want to say anything about their mismanagement. Do not email Pam or any of them with your concerns as you are a bother to shareholders and will be treated like the annoyance you are. In fact I have tried to contact Mosaic several times and have been straight out Ignored. Hey Mosaic is it really your land ? No not really, agreements should be revisited real fast.

  2. jlange says:

    so is it true that the local market wants there logs and they have to sell at a lower price so they decided to shut down and call this market conditions? If this is true it sure sucks and just shows what this industry is built on, exporting jobs that they dont want here.

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