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CM Labs launches harvester and forwarder simulation training packs

February 18, 2021  By CFI Staff

Photo courtesy CM Labs.

CM Labs Simulations has launched the Forwarder Simulator Training Pack and the Harvester Simulator Training Pack, developed in collaboration with industry experts.

The training programs expose students to real-world scenarios in environments featuring multiple tree species and off-road driving.

“Workplace knowledge has traditionally been the most common way to transfer industry know-how, but the labor shortage makes it challenging to take productive workers off-the-job for training purposes,” said Julien Richer-Lanciault, product manager at CM-Labs, in a press release. “Meanwhile, the industry is expressing concerns over students lacking in competency so there is a definite need for a more comprehensive training solution that eases the training burden on seasoned operators.”

Both training packs are designed in collaboration with Tigercat Industries and powered by CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology.


On the forwarder simulator, operators will feel everything, including the feedback of the crane when grappling multiple logs and the machine’s suspension when driving off-road.

The harvester simulator uses machine specifications provided by Tigercat, accurately replicating everything including the harvester’s hydraulic system, engine behaviour, crane operation and the movement of the harvester head.

The training packs use industry-approved curriculum developed through consultations with training institutions, ensuring that they gain the required skills and techniques for future jobs.

On the forwarder simulator, learning exercises include basic controls familiarization, loading and unloading from the trailer, log manipulation and wood extraction in flat and rough terrains. On the harvester simulator, learning exercises include everything from controls familiarization to advanced techniques. By using the harvester simulator, new operators will be able to safely manage the harvesting cycle while ensuring machine stability.

Built-in metrics on the simulators track things such as fuel consumption, efficiency and safety violations.

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