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Comact to optimize bucking system for D.G. Forest Products

December 15, 2015 – Comact was recently awarded a $7-million contract by D.G. Forest Products Ltd., a long-time business partner, to optimize its raw material bucking system. 

Comact will provide an automated, optimized bucking system to allow D.G. Forest Products to cross-cut stems without any operator intervention whatsoever, while ensuring that the company’s overall operational priorities are maintained. The impact of this technology will also be felt at the log breakdown level in the mill due to the fact that it will be better balanced, and thus, result in better yields combined with enhanced product diversification. 

“We are proud to have been chosen by D.G. Forest Products for our expertise in project delivery and in meeting performance requirements. This is an exceptional project for the lumber industry in Quebec,” said Simon Potvin, senior vice-president of operations for Comact. “In providing D.G. Forest Products with our products and services, we are jointly aiming to deliver a project that will become the new benchmark in regard to technological excellence, project delivery, and safety for optimized bucking in eastern North America.”

D.G. Forest Products operates out of Sainte-Aurélie, Que. and is among the most technologically sophisticated lumber processing plants in eastern North America. 

“We were looking to purchase a solution that would optimize raw material bucking,” said Maurice Grondin, founder, president and CEO of the Gesco-Star Ltd. Group and D.G. Forest Products Ltd. “We have once again approached Comact because, ever since we bought the mill in 1991, they have supported us throughout our modernization process. Over the years, Comact has offered us high-performance, cutting-edge technology. This time, Comact has assisted us in coming up with a solution which meets both our requirements and allocated budget.”

D.G. Forest Products latest investment is in addition to the $3 million invested earlier this year with Comact to modernize the sawmill’s sawlines. 

“These investments show us that the wood industry is still very active in Quebec and that mills are investing for the future,” Potvin said. 

About Comact 
For over 50 years now, Comact has made its mark as a leader in designing and manufacturing sawmill equipment. It is well-renowned for its expertise when it comes to process automation and optimization. Comact offers the broadest range of products and services on the market, from mechanical equipment all the way to the delivery of turnkey projects, in addition to PLC controls, optimization and vision systems, and project management. 
In April 2013, Comact was acquired by the BID Group of Companies from British Columbia and is therefore now one of its subsidiaries. Today, Comact relies on a workforce numbering almost 600 employees working throughout its various manufacturing facilities located in several locations in the Province of Quebec, Canada, namely, Saint-Georges, Saint-Ephrem (PHL), Mirabel, Quebec, Saguenay, as well as in Prince George (British Columbia), St. Georges (South Carolina, USA), and Woodland (Washington, USA). 

December 15, 2015  By  Andrew Snook

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