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Community forests going digital?

An event in late May will bring together community forest managers to discuss how technology can make their operations more efficient.

Community forests are a part of the solution to the complex challenges now facing B.C.’s forest sector and the province as a whole. Community forestry is connected to places of community value and creates real incentives to manage forests sustainably. By integrating economic, social, and ecological sustainability, community forests promote local livelihoods, encourage community participation, and foster long-term environmental stewardship.

A trade show for community forests, Finding the Fit – Exploration of Digital Technology for Community Forests, will be held May 23 and 24 in Smithers, B.C. The show, being held at the Hudson Bay Lodge in Smithers, will include exhibitors as well as demonstrations, and is being organized by the BC Community Forest Association (BCCFA) in conjunction with their annual conference and AGM.

The show is timely, as community forest organizations are looking for access to digital technology at the right scale to streamline their tenure administration, and improve productivity in both the office and in the field. With an average AAC of 23,000 cubic metres, the 58 B.C. community based organizations know that they must create efficiencies to realize their full potential as vibrant, local, small business engines. 

Further information about attending and exhibiting at the show is available by contacting the BCCFA at conference@bccfa.ca

February 17, 2013  By  Scott Jamieson

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