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J.D. Irving Nova Scotia sawmill temporarily closed following new COVID-19 cases

April 1, 2020  By  PJ Boyd

Photo: Annex Business Media

J.D. Irving Sawmill near Truro, N.S., has reported that three of their staff members have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The first staff member to be diagnosed has received the appropriate medical care and is now self-isolating as recommended by health care professionals. Two more have since been diagnosed, leading to a temporary shut down of the mill.

The first reported staff member had last worked on March 22, 2020. Following the diagnosis, J.D. Irving Sawmill’s Human Resources team worked to identify anyone who may have come in contact with this staff member and others who may have also been exposed to COVID-19 at the sawmill. All employees who have potentially been exposed to the virus have been notified and asked not to return to the sawmill until they receive further instructions.

Previously, the sawmill had implemented an increased cleaning and disinfection measure that is done daily. These include, social distancing protocols, new protective barriers and personal protective equipment (PPE) available on site.

“Areas are closed off for disinfection and cleaning with electrostatic sprayers by experienced fully trained RST and third party personnel who are using Health Canada approved materials,” said Irving Sawmill in a statement on their website.


Story updated on Thursday, April 2, 2020., 11:00am (EDT)

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