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Valmet has Comfort, Production


Updates to the new Valmet 911.4 improve machine performance, harvesting speeds and operator comfort. It includes the new Valmet “comfort” bogie design for better maneuverability and stability. The bogie, combined with the refined hydrostatic transmission, delivers 22% more tractive efort to improve travel speeds, maneuverability and uphill harvesting. In-cab changes include 32% more cab volume. Including standing headroom, the added space is also reconfigured to provide more comfort, storage and room for a trainer. The operator seat now swivels 180-degrees for better all-around view, and the advanced ECC climate control for improving air quality is now standard. MaxiXplorerT computer control is more powerful and markedly faster, which makes harvesting faster. Work modes are more advanced, easier to use and more intuitive. Hydraulic head pressure (360.2 only) has increased to 280 bar for more effective cutting and improved fuel economy.

Valmet 941.1 Updates: The size, strength, comfort and productivity of the Valmet 941.1, has been enhanced with “dot-1” upgrades including “in-cab” storage and ergonomic updates. Plus, more powerful computer system updates with better communication between units. MaxiXplorerT is a windows-based computer control system that is far more advanced and powerful. The system is easier to use, manages information better and improves the operator’s ability to work faster and more effectively. www.komatsuforest.com


Deere’s Evolution

CFI saw the new 1270E harvester working in Finland last spring, our sneak peak at a series that will eventually include the 1070E thinning machine and 1470E final felling and large timber harvester. Changes over the successful D include an improved cab levelling and rotating system, with rotation now at 160 degrees and levelling to 17 degrees side-to-side and 10 degrees fore and aft. The harvesters also use the same Deere-made cab as the new E series forwarder. In fact, components, controls, and software are as identical as possible, allowing operators to jump back and forth between harvester and forwarder as painlessly as possible. As in the forwarder, controls have been placed for ergonomics, and low windowsills and arc-shaped windows maximize visibility.

The measuring, control and automation systems have also been improved. The TimberMatic system software has been made more user-friendly, and a single program allows operators to adjust all settings instead of the three required in the D-Series. Troubleshooting and all required maintenance documentation is now available from the on-board computer. The 1270E sports an all-new CH7 boom with higher lifting and slewing torque, yet according to Deere is more agile for select cutting. It also boasts very impressive reach numbers, out as far as 11.7 m (38.4 ft).



Caterpillar 550

Backed by Caterpillar’s worldwide dealer network for parts and service support, the Cat 550 is equipped with a 147 kW (197 hp) Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology, which integrates and controls fuel and air delivery for strong performance and compliance with Tier III emissions regulations. The 6WD harvester comes standard with a 8.23m squirt boom designed for a dangle head. Lift capacity at full reach is 2,268 kg. The boom’s V-shaped bottom extends the life of the wear pads and minimizes side-to-side movement as the boom telescopes in and out. The harvester can also be equipped with a fixed head boom with a lift capacity of 3,800 kg at full reach.

The 550 travels up to 19 kph, is easy to maneuver and provides a smooth ride with little vibration. The operator has an unobstructed view of the work area as a result of the cab forward design, large side windows and the boom and cab rotating together. The auto leveling mechanism tilts in all directions to give the operator better visibility and more comfort on steep or uneven terrain.



Rottne H-Series

Rottne introduced their largest harvester, the H-20, to Canadian soil at DEMO International 2008 near Halifax last September, and through live demos at customer sites in Nova Scotia. It is a stable, powerful harvester with a head designed for big timber. In demos here and on logging jobs overseas the H-20 has proven itself to be a reliable and highly productive larger harvester with low operating costs. The modern cab offers superb comfort with air suspension seat, wide armrests with lever panels that are individually adjustable as well as air conditioning with automatic climate control. The operator has fantastic visibility as the cab swings with the loader and is self-leveling. The Rottne 700 harvesting head is controlled by the Rottne D4 measuring and control system, a can-bus based system that requires only seven wires to the head. All pressure settings to the harvesting head are easily checked and set from a large screen inside the cab. The large bogie in the front with 750/45 x 30.5 tires makes for a light footprint in soft ground, and can easily be equipped with tracks for deep snow or very soft ground. The whole power train with engine, pumps, and transmission as well as tanks for oils and diesel are located at the rear and are very service friendly due to tanks tilting sideways and large swing open door and side mounted radiator. The H-20 joins its little brother, the mid-sized H-14 thinning and clearcutting harvester, which shares a common cab and easy-access design.



Prentice 2510

The Prentice 2510 6WD harvester features a 147 kW (197 hp) Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology. The patented ACERT Technology integrates and controls fuel and air delivery for strong engine performance and reduced emissions compliant with Tier III regulations. The harvester has a lift capacity of 2,268 kg at full extension. It travels up to 19 kph, is easy to maneuver and provides a smooth ride with little vibration. The V-shaped bottom on the standard 8.23m squirt boom adds to the life of the wear pads inside the boom and minimizes side-to-side movement as it telescopes in and out. The harvester can be equipped with either a dangle or fixed head.

The cab forward design, large side windows, and the boom and cab rotating together on the upper turntable provide the operator with an unobstructed view of the work area. The auto-leveling mechanism tilts in all directions giving the operator better visibility and more comfort on steep or uneven terrain.

The front entry cab allows for easy and safe entry and exit. An IQAN MDL computer with a full function graphics display monitor, Sure Grip joystick controls and a 360-degree lighting package are standard. www.prenticeforestry.com


Eco Log’s Rugged, Versatile Harvesters

Situated in Soderhamn, Sweden, Eco Log makes world class forestry machines. Eco Log C-series harvesters are reliable and productive and developed to meet the performance and profitability demands of the forest industry. With a full range of five harvester models to choose from, Eco Log harvesters are suited for effective felling under a wide range of conditions. Equipped with Mercedes Benz engines, Eco Log machines offer lower fuel and oil consumption and lower emissions while producing more horsepower.

New double working pumps deliver maximum hydraulic flow enabling operators unlimited freedom to work efficiently through fast and simultaneous boom and harvester head movements. Easy access to service and inspection points help to reduce downtime thus increasing utilization and productivity.

Eco Log cranes are offset from the cab, making transitions from tracked carriers to a rubber-tired chassis easier while increasing driver visibility and minimizing machine movements. The cranes lifting capacities range from 180 kNm to 255 kNm and depending on harvester models, offer loader reaches from 9.4 m to 12.5 m. The unique pendulum arms suspension technology allows the harvester to pass over and work in almost any terrain condition. This system facilitates maintenance, contributes to the operator’s comfort and stability while maintaining full loader swing torque. Eco Log harvesters are equipped with the high performing Log Max harvesting heads.



Timberpro Combo Producers

The TimberPro Combo machine has been very successful to balance out larger logging operations by cutting or forwarding as needed and as a single machine for a one-man operation. The time to change attachments is around 10 minutes and the production capability as either a cutter or forwarder is not compromised.

The TimberPro TF830B can handle CTL attachments to 5,000 lbs with an extended boom reach of 35’ when equipped with a DT boom. The load capacity is 20 tons. The new B series machines have the latest state of the art MDL control system along with the Cummins 300 hp tier III engine which has allowed for lower engine RPM and still maintain torque while saving about 20% in fuel consumption.


Titan of a Harvester

The Logset Titan family presents a wide range of Finnish made harvesters from thinnings to demanding clear-cuts. New low-emission engines from Sisu Diesel, with electronically controlled fuel injection, optimize output and fuel consumption according to the load and desired engine speed. The ergonomics of the Titan family is rewarding thanks to the optimum basic design, space-efficiency and innovative technical solutions. The Titan family has three members: 5H, 8H and 10H.  5H is a compact thinning harvester that can also tackle smaller final fellings. Logset 8H is a robust harvester for final fellings, with power and stability for the toughest conditions. Logset 10H is the ultimate clear-cut harvester for the heaviest timber in the most demanding conditions. They can be fitted with Logset’s modulated harvester head series (4M, 5L, 6L, 7L/7X,8L/8X), starting with the slim lined 4M head and completed by the heavy duty 8X head.



Ponsse for Small, Medium and Big Wood

This Finnish-based CTL supplier has a full line of harvesters for small to extra large timber, thinning to final felling. The Beaver can handle many different harvesting jobs, from the densest improvement thinning to the heaviest final felling. The greatest hydraulic capacity and the strongest crane in its size class combine with the stability provided by its low rigid frame, to form a versatile, efficient package. The Beaver’s chassis structure, based on an extremely short wheelbase and free-floating portal axle, is an extremely agile all-terrain solution for the demanding conditions of first thinnings. Its ground pressure is evenly distributed, and, thanks to its strong, extendable crane, the residual timber stand sustains minimal damage. The Bear harvester offers extreme performance for heavy weight timber harvesting. Its key strengths include unparalleled motor and hydraulics efficiency, Ponsse’s most powerful crane ever and the durable Ponsse H8 harvester head providing unequalled performance in large timber or rugged terrain. Perched between these two is the newly re-designed Ergo, now even more efficient and productive. The new C4 crane, H7 harvester head and general improvements to the machine together with the new Opti4G 4.602 version and the new-generation control modules make the machine a sophisticated producer. Driving comfort is guaranteed by the new active damping system patented by Ponsse.



November 16, 2011  By  Trina Dillon

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