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Cut above: New and improved for the filing room

CFI shares the latest saw filing technology on the market.

May 7, 2020  By CFI Staff

The new grinding machine Vollmer CHX 840 for carbide-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter of up to 840 millimeters machines tooth faces and tops in a single clamping process to reduce set-up time thanks to a double grinding wheel. With five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX 840 can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries – this also applies to sawing with axial angle and group toothing. The HS automation solution ensures automatic loading of the CHX for unmanned operation of up to seven hours. This machine is ideal for sawmill operators, sharpening specialists and furniture makers.

SiCam’s SawTrack System provides real-time predictive intelligence to sawfilers and quality control personnel. The SawTrack technology works with any measurement technology (probe or pressure); provides a web-based, visual interface for operators and the filing room; tracks individual saw trends and alarms when necessary; reports on saw performance and speed control history; and adjusts equipment to maintain size and quality. SiCam SawTrack will provide a complete saw monitoring package for a mill. Combine this with other real-time quality control systems to improve the mill-wide quality control program and value recovery.

Since Andritz Inc. introduced its Powerhead for primary canter heads in 2003, the company has delivered over 500 chipping heads to mills all over North America. These applications have covered every conceivable specie, feed speed and region in the U.S. and Canada. Using this experience to further optimize the design of Andritz’s chipping heads and TurnKnife System, mills have the absolute best options for canter heads. The Powerheads have proven to be the most economical, trouble free chipping heads available to mills today. Other mills that have recently added Andritz Inc. canter heads include: Canfor in Darlington, S.C., Mobile, Ala., and Hermanville, Minn.

Gerling Automation / HMT Machine Tools
New for 2020 from Gerling Automation, the “original” fully automatic tip removal and installation machine. Gerling Automation and HMT Machine Tools have made operating the SawMaster Automatic tip brazing machine easier than ever. Gerling and HMT have introduced a tip sorting system that estimates any miss-sorting of pre-tinned carbide and stellite saw tips. The process uses a laser that measures the tips profile for exact orientation of the tip. The laser system has a “teach” function. By pressing the teach button on the touch screen it initiates the future to learn the correct orientation to the tip. The operator then feeds a few tips through the laser in the correct orientation and then presses the button again to end the teaching. From that point on, quick and accurate tip sorting is available.


Sharptool produces and offers a wide range of circular saws including, but not limited to: Spline Arbor Saws, Strob saws, trim saws, truss saws, groovers, rip saws, cut off saws, pallet recycle saws, custom saws and more. Sharptool’s Spline Arbor saws are the highest quality splines on the market. Tensioned to saw filers’ requirements, the splines will maximize mills’ potential.

Key Knife
With over 115 installations in North America alone, Key Knife’s Key Planer Head (KPH) product line has a solid track record of increasing production, improving board finish, and reducing operating costs. The innovative design and use of the disposable strip knife allows for up to two times more knives in the same cut diameter of a conventional head. KPH users are able to crank up the feed rate and still achieve a superior finish. The KCC treated strip knives are proven to last on average three to five times longer than conventional knives. In addition, the knives are disposable, eliminating all costs associated to grinding and handling larger conventional knives.

Peerless Saw
Peerless Saw continues investing in surface grinding equipment. Peerless took delivery of a new surface grinder in December 2019. This investment will continue to ensure saw plates are held to a +.000/-.001-inch thickness specification and are delivered with a smooth surface finish. Peerless plans for continued investment in this area in 2020 and beyond.

BGR Saws
After considerable co-ordination between the circle saw blade experts at BRG Saws and the engineers at Kirschner GMH, BGR Saws has announced three option packages for the LK-Pro automatic circular saw tip brazing machine that have been optimized for the North American sawmill market. Model A includes all the standard features that make this the premier brazer in the market. Model B also includes the innovative Dual Mode (removal and replacement) plus V Top tip capability. Model C includes all the features of Models A and B, plus two-time saving automation upgrades and the ability to integrate with SmartBraze RIFD software.

Burton Saw & Supply
The CTM-13 coolant filtration system was developed on Burton Saws’ own factories to address coolant issues and is a proven workhorse. The filtration system helps sustain a healthier work environment and extend coolant life. The system can be used as a fixed installation to service multiple sharpeners that are adjacent to each other. Or the system can be used in a portable fashion to service multiple machines. The system uses disposable filters that are available in several micron sizes and are suitable for removing carbides, base metals and ceramic materials for either oil or water-based coolants.

Simonds International
The Simonds 095 Automated Bench has been well received by the North American market. Simonds continues to optimize this machine. The latest development is the Dual Tension Roll model. This option has a second tension roll mechanism on the machine allowing for quick and efficient change over for saws of more than four-gauge thickness difference. The second roll allows the machine to optimize the benefits of the eccentric roll system to deliver optimum power to the tension rolls to efficiently move the steel and tension the blade.

DK Spec
DK-SPEC has introduced as a 2020 model the upgraded filex MK2 nx. Key new features include the ability to use either soft touch display or physical buttons, new wireless remote-control handle for easy setup, grind LV side head, straight knife cutterhead and finger jointing head. It also features a remote access troubleshoot and updates option via private VPN, full internal Ehtercat OMRON servo-drives/HMI network, fully updatable HMI and PLC software, secure automatic operation through smart electronic door lock and 240/480kg overhead crane with low speed electric hoist.

Williams and White
Williams & White has introduced the Hammerhead 3000 Band Saw Auto-Bench to its line of band saw filing equipment. This robust system is designed to automatically level and tension band saws for any mill with extreme accuracy and speed.




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