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Keeping the wheel turning

The RID resurfacing machine from DataSys Technologies is a product developed to re-face a bandmill wheel in about 15 minutes. It can be programmed to produce an exact crown at the exact position required by the operator. The surface finish depends on the surface velocity of the wheel, the feed rate, depth of cut, and the nose radius of the tool insert, depending on operator preference. Free training is available at DataSys Technologies’ plant in Burnaby, BC, and is recommended for both programming and machining.

The program can compensate for wheels which are not plumb vertical when the machine is set up level. After the initial set up, the operator can be 12 feet away from the machine, observing the process. More info and a brochure are available at www.datasystech.com.



Easing the daily grind

Vollmer offers innovative products for sawmills of all sizes, the supplier says, with an array of machines for sawmill sharpening shops and a complete range for sharpening and repairing band and circle saw blades. These include the CA 100 and CAF 100, machines known for easy handling.

The cam-controlled CA 100 sharpens the complete profile of band saw blades, while the hydraulically-controlled CAF 100 was developed for side grinding of band saws. Both machines can be configured for wet or dry grinding according to requirements. The compact design and extremely sturdy, central block based structure guarantee a high grinding performance and grinding quality in both machines. Both the CA 100 and the CAF 100 score highly in day-to-day production, Vollmer adds, as well as in ease of operation, and access to the working and machine areas.

The ultra-robust design of the band saw grinding machine ensures high uptime availability and machine longevity, coupled with high precision and low maintenance. The supplier adds that the machine will increase the tool life of saw blades, for more productive sawmills.

The CA 100 and CAF 100 have a central block based design for top grinding quality, high rigidity for optimal grinding performance, robust, functional machine construction, a compact design, and finally a separation of machine and working areas for longer machine life and reduced maintenance. More info at www.vollmer-us.com.



Autolog turns 20 in style

It may be hard to find much to celebrate in a market like this, but the founders of optimization and control supplier Autolog Inc. nonetheless cut the cake this past fall to mark its 20th anniversary. On August 26th, 1987, three young entrepreneurs, Daniel Ethier, Sylvain Magnan, and André Nadeau started the high-tech automation company to serve the sawmill industry. Today, they employ 100 and sell their products and expertise across the world. The company has a wide rage of products and services, from a simple PLC automation system to the most sophisticated of optimizers for the hardwood and softwood industries. www.autolog.com



Grapples made with industry in mind

The LF series Log Grapples from Rockland Manufacturing were designed with landing and sawmill loader operator’s needs in mind to maximize visibility, reliability, and capacity. A low-profile frame on all Rockland grapples allows the operator to see the tine tips at ground level for improved visibility, while adjustable floating tines automatically compensate for uneven ground, a constant challenge in the logging world. Built with tough, high-strength rectangular alloy steel tubing, these grapples also boast over-sized pins, induction-hardened, heat-treated, chrome-plated rods, and high-temp, long-life O-rings and seals for reliability. Two width choices are available, while the tine spacing is infinitely adjustable. More info at www.rocklandmfg.com


November 25, 2011  By  Scott Jamieson

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