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Here’s just a teaser of what you’ll see at this year’s show, March 12-14. Remember that now that the shows are just every second year, you either go now, or wait until 2010. For details on any of the 240 plus exhibitors at Wood Tech 2008, visit  www.woodtechexpo.com.


Comact GradExpert

Automated lumber grading is here to stay, as over 20 of these fully automated transverse systems have been sold. This is a completely automated lumber grading system that does not require any assistance from a check grader. It performs the work of three to four experienced graders while ensuring a reduced margin of error due to over grading or under grading. The GradExpert easily manages a rhythm of more than 13,000 boards per hour with a margin of error reduced to less than 2%.

In practice the GradExpert hits its payback in less than 10 months, allowing it to be paid for within a budget year. The integration of the GradExpert in an existing production line is very easy. In fact, programming and configuring is child’s play, and only approximately 10 days are required for it to reach its maximum performance and for line operators to be completely trained. Finally, thanks to its clean lines and strong construction, the

GradExpert needs minimal maintenance for continuous and painless performance.
Full grading is available in SPF, SYP, Douglas fir, hemlock, white pine, and more. The stable transverse scanning ensures accurate measurement of bow, crook, twist, skip and wane, while the vision system provides an accurate detection of knots, pith, blue and red stains, decay, bark pocket, paint marks(MSR/wet), splits, shake and worm holes, all without additional marking or recognition systems.   www.comact.com, or booth 659.


JoeScan for Boards

JoeScan has introduced the JS-20 WX Scan Head, a wide-angle laser scanner that delivers accelerated and precise profile measurements for transverse scanning of boards and cants. The latest in the JS-20 series, it provides accurate length, width, and thickness measurements of boards and cants using one type of scan head. With points every 1/8", the scanner provides more data and detects finer details and defects. “Given the importance of transverse scanning, JoeScan has engineered a product that is fast and accurate,” says president Joey Nelson. “The JS-20 is capable of 650 profile measurements per second, with each profile containing up to 243 data points. It is substantially faster, collecting as much as 10 times more data than the typical multi-point scanner.” More info at  www.joescan.com, or booth 1071.


Matthews Prints on ends & tops, lumber, panel or EWP

If you make it, Matthews Marking can help you make it stand out, with rugged industrial systems for product identification. This includes systems designed for engineered wood products, panel products of all kind, and lumber. One example is the Jet-A-Mark Drop-On-Demand Ink-Jet Printers and High Resolution InkJet, a flexible system for printing company logos, sorting codes or grading information on the end grain of timber. Another is bar coding systems for manufacturers who need to provide finished wood products with bar codes for internal tracking purposes, where Matthews has High Resolution InkJet printers for automated coding.   www.matthewsmarking.com, and booth 440.


MDI has affordable metal detector for planer mill

The tramp metal protection experts at Metal Detectors Inc. (MDI) have an affordable surround planer metal detector to help protect valuable planer knives and uptime. The HP-3000 Planer Metal Detector is MDI's newest technology, using construction techniques that allow it to provide, at the request of its customers, an affordable planer system. This and other metal detection systems can be seen at  www.getmdi.com or booth 412.

West Salem grinds the big volumes  

The 4064 Horizontal Grinding System from West Salem Machinery Co. is a high-volume stationary grinding system available with chain, vibratory, or belt infeed conveyors. It features a massive, overhead power feed mechanism to provide a controlled, metered feed to the grinder. The upstroke grinder design provides a large feed opening and the mill-duty, disc-type rotor allows multiple hammer configurations for superior performance in a wide variety of applications, including high-volume processing of wood waste into board furnish, mulch, fuel, re-grinding for bedding or play-chip, etc. More info at  www.westsalem.com or booth 847.



Xylexpo expands to include semi-finished materials and components he Italian woodworking, wood processing, and furniture technology show Xylexpo has expanded its horizons to include new product categories. These new display areas include semi-finished materials, supplies, furniture components, and all wood-based products. The idea is to allow visitors a complete view of the wood industry supply picture, from machinery and technology to materials. The show is slated for the new FieraMilano centre in Milan, Italy, May 27-31, 2008. More info at   www.xylexpo.com.



NX-Tek offers high-speed lug loaders to western mills rince George based NX-Tek International offers an array of technology and services to sawmills and planer mills in western Canada, including the GIXI-E-4000 high-speed lug loader from Carbotech International. This lug loader handles wood from 6 to 24 ft long from 1x2 to 2x12, including 3x3 and 4x4 squares. Speeds can hit 225 lugs per minute, and the system comes with Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and a touch screen interface for setup and troubleshooting. More info at  www.nx-tek.com.


MEGTEC helps LP clean up

Louisiana Pacific has gone with CLEANSWITCH regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) technology from MEGTEC Systems at its OSB mill in Houlton, ME. Perched near the NB border, “the plant aims to reduce emissions and improve operating costs,” says MEGTEC business director Rodney Schwartz. “The older RTO was not designed to take advantage of the energy savings provided by structured media.” he notes. The new high energy cost reality is an important factor in today's pollution control environment, and MEGTEC says the CLEANSWITCH RTO offers 99% + VOC removal in addition to thermal efficiencies of up to 97%. More info at www.megtec.com/woodproducts.

November 25, 2011  By  Scott Jamieson

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