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Cat Track Harvester Cabs Retooled for Comfort
The new Cat 501/501HD track harvester cabs offer improvements to airflow, a more comfortable seat and improved night visibility.
The AC/heater system’s capacity has been increased, “set it and forget it” automatic control maintains a consistent cab temperature, and louvres channel airflow to all areas of the cab including windows. In summer, cool air circulates around the operator, and in winter, the heat extends to the floor to keep the operator’s feet warm.

The new heated, air suspension seat absorbs shocks and provides comfort during extended shifts, and has a reinforced structure specifically designed for track machines. A third foot pedal, for telescopic boom or fixed head side tilt, has been replaced with a slider switch on the joystick, allowing the operator to move the carrier while operating other functions.
Visibility improvements include three double bulb light assemblies atop the door, and such options as pull-down window shades and an HID lighting package.


Polar Lube Prevents Freeze-up
Most air tool and pneumatic control users are unaware that air lines can freeze up at 40 F. As the pressure drops from 100 pounds per square inch down to atmosphere through the tool or valve, the compressed air, which is always at 100 per cent humidity, supercools rapidly and can freeze up the equipment.
Polar Lube technology replaces your regular lubricant in the filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) unit and prevents freeze-up. In fact, it will protect air lines at temperatures as low as -60 F. Adding it to a frozen tool inlet will unfreeze the tool.

Polar Lube is suitable for any unheated space applications in industrial plants, pipelines, mills, and forestry, construction, military and government facilities. It lubricates and will not affect o-rings, seals, rotor blades, bowls or hoses, and is compatible with all drop, mist or automatic lubricators.

Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer Prevents Dead Batteries
Cole Hersee introduces the FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer (VSRT). The timer conserves the starting power of a vehicle battery by shutting off auxiliary loads when either starting voltage drops to a low level or a preset timer times out. This virtually eliminates the possibility of vehicles not starting due to a dead battery. The small piece of equipment alerts the vehicle operator when starting voltage is low and then temporarily cuts off any non-essential electrical loads, thus conserving power to start. It is completely weather resistant, waterproof and dustproof, and may be mounted anywhere on the vehicle.


Optimil Log Turner
Optimil’s log turner, part of the Canter Feed System, offers precise rotation, independent of log shape, and minimizes movements in order to improve the life of the machine. It requires no rotation correction and no reset time. The machine is designed to rotate logs to achieve the optimum cutting solution. Linear movement of the vertically driven spiked feedrolls helps to achieve accurate log rotation.

Options include dual or quad roll design; hydraulic or electric drive; 12-, 20- or 30-inch openings; 36-, 48- and 60-inch roll faces; and side shifting for optimum log positioning with skew-and-slew canter infeeds.


There’s an App, and a Tool, for That
ToolSpec, a web-based app from Parker Hannifin Corporation, applies basic information supplied by users to find a suitable tool match, making it easier to determine the equipment required for performing a variety of standard tube assembly. The app also describes tools and their functions in detail.

November 8, 2011  By  Cheryl Quinn

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