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Cutting Edge Gear January/February 2012

Here's an array of new technology for both mill and forest.

Over the past year, Cut Technologies has extensively tested a new saw - the Cougar XX Chrome. The saw’s composition is a combination of the Cougar XX proprietary heat treatment and chroming of the saw plate. Test results have shown this combination, which is unique to the Cut Technologies product line, has created a saw with decreased gullet wear, resulting in a longer sawing life. Furthermore, Cougar XX Chrome saws experience the added benefit of between board tolerance improvements.

With today’s sawmill machinery, top performing mills need a saw that can withstand the demanding pace of this technologically advanced machinery. Cut Technologies identified this need and engineered the Cougar XX Chrome saw to fill it. Cougar XX Chrome saws can successfully withstand faster feed rates while allowing for plate reduction. In the development of the Cougar XX Chrome saw, Cut Technologies was adamant in creating a saw with tangible benefits. First, the harder surface of the saw plate allows for the resistance of abrasive wear at 65 Rockwell. Second, the smoother, slippery finish decreases Babbitt guide wear. Third, less oil and water are consumed because the chrome composition allows for a better surface contact with the saw. Last, edger saw changes are faster and easier with less cleanup because of decreased build up and sticking of Cougar XX Chrome saws.

New Cat Buncher

Caterpillar Forest Products has introduced the Cat 541 II and 552 track fellerbunchers, which the company says offers smoother hydraulic performance, better fuel economy, a more comfortable operator station and better visibility. Both models are full-tail-swing machines designed for high-production clear cut and for clear or select cut in rough terrain. The 552 II is a levelling machine that offers more comfort on steep terrain.

The models feature new compensator valve spools in both the implement and travel valve sections, which improve hydraulic stability and flow for enhanced multi-functioning.
“The operator can maintain a productive rhythm when activating several functions simultaneously because there is minimal slowing or interruption in one function when another is activated,” says Keith Hicks, Caterpillar Forest Products product performance engineer. “And with a more efficient hydraulic circuit, less hydraulic horsepower is required, so fuel consumption is also reduced.”

June 29, 2012  By  Trina Dillon

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