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Cutting Edge Gear March April 2012

Robotec Loader

The Robotec NEW horizon Loader completes Robotec’s line with a larger lift capacity than any of our other loaders. Used in various applications including waste removal, loading and unloading of logs and rail ties. It can also be used for loading and unloading logs in forestry applications. It can be configured as a stationary mount loader with the operator on the pedestal or can be operated remotely.

Wood-Mizer Releases WM1000

Sawmill manufacturer Wood-Mizer Products Incorporated has released the new industrial-grade WM1000, developed both to break down up to 67-inch-diameter logs and to saw high-value logs where the thin-kerf blade and wide cutting ensures maximum resale value.

The twin rail sawmill can be purchased with or without a log bed, and the rails can be extended to any length for cutting multiple or long logs. The ride-along control platform and operator console is mounted on the head, allowing the operator to closely observe and control the cutting process.
The WM1000 uses two- to three-inch-wide thin-kerf blades to reduce waste and maximize recovery. Hydraulic blade tensioning ensures accurate cutting with a smooth finish, whether the user is halving, quartering, or producing slabs for further processing.

Watch the video at http://youtu.be/lugpBdvi_X4.

Nissan GO6 Series

Nissan Forklift Corporation’s latest addition to the Platinum line, the GO6 Series, has greater lifting capacity and a fuel-efficient diesel engine, according to the company.
“The GO6 Series forklift truck not only provides the reliable performance and increased productivity that our customers have come to expect, it also keeps the air free from heavy exhaust emissions,” said Steve Cianci, director of marketing and product management.
The heavyweight pneumatic tire GO6 Series forklift truck features a powerful diesel engine, equipped with a turbocharger that allows it to lift loads of 17,500 pounds to heights of 26 feet.

VAB Solutions

The Dynamic Weight Sorter from VAB Solutions allows mills to obtain a fast ROI. The System consists of load cells located on the transfer between the trimmer and the bins to measure the weight of rough lumber. The system uses thickness, width and length data to calculate the density of each piece. Efficient sorting is done by creating different sorts, such as: light, medium and heavy. The dynamic weight sorter provides significant gains that include: reducing drying time between 10% and 15%; increasing drying quality and reducing excessive drying; and minimizing drying defects such as warp, checks and dimensional variations; excellent for green and frozen wood; and only requires a simple calibration once per month.

Sennebogen MaXCab

Operator safety and comfort is front and centre in Sennebogen’s distinctive maXCab operator station.

The maXCab’s most visible difference from conventional operator stations is its unique sliding door design, coupled with a permanent catwalk and guard railing to surround the cab entry. The overall result is an entry and exit path that is more open than swinging doors can allow, with enough security that operators can safely leave their cab without first lowering it to deck level. Another handrail protects the stairway that leads up to the cab, so operators take a continuously secure, guarded route from the ground to their workstation.

Inside the cab, the ergonomic layout of operator controls affords a roomy feel that’s enhanced by a 360 degree view. Clear visibility from the cab helps to improve productivity and contributes to safety by reducing operator fatigue through long working shifts.


The addition of Ethernet connectivity to Tolomatic’s ACS Stepper Drive/Controller brings flexibility and economy to electric actuator applications. The ACS with Ethernet supports both Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP, allowing easy connectivity to many PLCs and HMIs. With built-in configurations for all of Tolomatic’s electric actuators, the ACS with Ethernet makes creating linear motion very simple. The combination of the ACS and Tolomatic‘s ERD low-cost rod-style electric actuators creates economical solutions for sawmill automation applications such as product changeovers, diverting, sorting, pick-and-place, or pressing.

The package includes a starter kit that includes configuration software and set-up manuals. The Tolomatic Motion Interface software is available for free on the company’s website.

New Log Max Computer System

Log Max has developed a successor to its current Log Mate 402 control system. The new Log Mate 500 system features a Windows based computer allowing you to easily install GPS and Internet software. The bright 12.1-inch touch screen provides a sharp picture while the easy-to-understand user interface guarantees a quick learning process. The computer is built to withstand a tough environment, is IP65 standard compliant and has no moving parts. Even the normal hard drive is replaced with a solid-state disk drive.

July 3, 2012  By  Trina Dillon

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