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Deere harvests on 8 wheels

July 2, 2014 —John Deere made headlines with the debut of an eight-wheeled version of the 1270E Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/Stage IIIB cut-to-length Harvester at Elmia Wood 2013. The stability and climbing ability of the eight-wheeled harvester has been praised by customers in Europe, and is now available as an option on all of John Deere's 1270E Harvesters in North America.

"The 1270E is our most powerful and productive harvester yet for steep ground," said Pekka Leppanen, product marketing manager for John Deere. "With the addition of the eight-wheeled option, this machine is now more versatile than ever before, offering the best possible performance for our customers who work on demanding terrain."
The eight-wheeled option for the 1270E was specifically designed for steep slope and soft soil conditions. The eight-wheel drive provides superior traction and stability even in the most difficult of conditions. It also offers more power, higher ground clearance, a large approach angle and strong Duraxle bogie axles with customized balancing gear units. These features allow the 1270E to perform well on steep slopes.

Additional highlights of the 1270E eight-wheeled harvester include:
• Engine Power – The eight-wheeled 1270E harvester comes standard with John Deere's 6090 PowerTech Plus turbocharged engine. This increase in power delivers a level of productivity previously unseen in this size-class.
• Operator Comfort – A leveling and rotating cabin provides additional operator comfort and productivity on steep terrain.
• Serviceability – Key machine components such as the drive valve are well-positioned for ease of maintenance.

John Deere's eight-wheeled 1270E Harvester is now available in North America. For more information, visit www.JohnDeere.com.

July 2, 2014  By Press Release

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