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Deere releases TimberNavi mapping solution

August 25, 2015 — Now available exclusively from John Deere is TimberNavi, a fully integrated mapping solution for L-Series Skidders and Wheeled Feller Bunchers and M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers.

August 25, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

TimberNavi provides owners and operators maximum visibility to the land they’re harvesting, helping them to be more efficient and productive in the woods. The program increases the operator’s spatial understanding of the jobsite, terrain information, harvesting areas and points of interest on a map, which in turn helps enhance productivity, increase uptime and deliver lower daily operating costs.

TimberNavi delivers three primary benefits:

1. Ease of Use

TimberNavi is simple to use both on and off the machine. In the office, TimberNavi saves time for the logger by simplifying the map creation process. Leveraging the digital maps within ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, the foreman or site manager can quickly create a custom map of the jobsite. He/she can then customize it by adding points of interest for the operator such as tree types, power lines, cut block borders, harvesting areas and more. Once complete, map information can easily be transferred to the TimberNavi monitor with a USB flash drive.


In the cab, TimberNavi features a high-resolution 10.4” touchscreen display. This display provides operators quick visibility to real-time data, including current machine location, terrain information and distance to the nearest deck or landing. The clarity of the maps enables operators to view the entire jobsite at a glance, so he/she can quickly look up and know exactly where they are without having to leave the cab.

2. Increased Jobsite Awareness

On the jobsite, TimberNavi provides operators maximum visibility to the land they’re harvesting. Operators receive visual alarms based on the customizable buffer zones set around cut block boundaries and points of interest. The measuring tool supports easy calculation of harvest areas and skid distances, allowing operators to adjust cut patterns to ensure jobsite and fuel efficiencies. Loggers can work faster and with more confidence, as the potential for error during operation decreases.

3. Integrated with the John Deere Forestry Machine

TimberNavi is seamlessly integrated in the machine as part of the John Deere ForestSight suite of technologies. When ordered as a purpose-built, factory installation, TimberNavi can be financed and delivered with the purchase of a new machine. TimberNavi will also be available as a field kit on John Deere L-Series Skidders and Wheeled Feller Bunchers and M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers.

To learn more visit: www.JohnDeere.com/TimberNavi

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