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Mack logging rig a true Titan

With a standard 16-litre, MP10 power pack with 605 hp, Mack’s new Titan 6x4 is aimed straight at the logging sector. So too is its almost 2,100 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm, astounding figures to be sure. Looks also astound, from an aggressive long-nose hood and more chrome than a Harley convention. Mack says that this power comes with surprising efficiency (although smaller engines are available). Using an advanced combustion system, the MP10 engine combines software, intelligent fuel injectors and improved air management systems to boost fuel economy. Important for busy log haulers, it features 30,000-mile oil drain intervals and convenient access points for hassle-free servicing. A high-capacity cooling package is standard on Titan to ensure the MP10 provides optimal performance under load. Important for those working slopes, the Titan uses Mack PowerLeash engine brakes for a massive 575 braking horsepower at 2,100 rpm. It’s a good looking truck outside, but the elevated cab and wrap-around dash are no slouches either. www.macktrucks.com


Volvo back in the woods

If every show has one really big piece of news, this was it. As this month’s cover shows, Volvo Construction Equipment is back in the woods, hard and heavy with a totally new line of purpose-built track feller bunchers. The supplier has been moving into the logging game increasingly over the past few years, first with its tracked forestry carriers, and most recently with its LevelMax self-levelling undercarriage. But the introduction of three models of bunchers is a massive step.

Not that these impressive looking bunchers came out of thin air. Volvo purchased innovative Quebec-based buncher manufacturer Direct a few years back, and with it decades of feller buncher engineering and design experience. It also inherited a great base to start from, as the modular Direct machines were well respected producers. Working with Direct engineers and designers, the Volvo team headed by Ken Kelly added some distinct manufacturing efficiencies and components from Volvo. This includes Volvo engines and hydraulics, and most noticeably, Volvo Care Cabs. CFI Magazine spoke to some of the operators for early feedback, including one well-known regional producer from Lac St. Jean Quebec currently running a Direct machine, and his insights are with the operator photo at right.

Models include the Volvo FB3800C full swing radius, Volvo FB2800C minimum swing radius, and the Volvo FBR2800C zero swing radius. These can work as buncher or harvester, with harvester booms available with up to 10.5 m (33 ft) reach. The DEMO models will go back to work in the Quebec woods, while production units will be available later this year from Canadian dealers Great West Equipment and Strongco. www.volvoce.com


Cat in for the long haul

Caterpillar Forest Products hosted a forest media breakfast early on a frosty Saturday morning, providing information on their forest business philosophy and logging equipment plans, as well as this forestry writer’s only experience eating eggs Benedict deep in the woods. Cat Forest Products president John Carpenter touched on Cat’s commitment to the future of forestry through a variety of initiatives, including encouraging the next generation of loggers. He also stressed that Cat’s participation in shows like DEMO 2008 is an indication of their commitment over the past few tough years. “The market will recover, and the industry along with it.  Cat Forest Products will be there with the right products and the right people when it does.” He also commented on the company’s potential role in the emerging biomass sector.

The Cat site showed a range of cut-to-length and full-tree equipment in action, as well as a Peterson horizontal grinder on biomass duty (Atlantic Cat is now the Peterson dealer for Atlantic Canada). One of the most intriguing to local loggers looking for the right mix of size, power, and fuel efficiency was the Cat 501HD track harvester with Cat’s own PD-57 harvesting head. The machine is driven by new Tier III Cat C6.6 engines with ACERT technology that provide 11% more torque at lower RPMs than the Tier II engines, for higher hydraulic flow under load (faster processing) and reduced fuel use. Purpose built for CTL logging, with forward mounted cab-rear engine position for visibility. The DEMO model had a squirt boom for extra reach, which still handled the PD-57 head, Cat’s largest. It allows a 66 cm (26 in) maximum cutting diameter and has extended limbing arms for easier picking out of piles. www.cat.com


Fuchs loaders carry or pull

Whether you want to pick and carry, or pull your wood around on a trailer, Terex Fuchs had machines on active duty for both. The MHL464 pick-and-carry machine shown uses a rear-boom positioning design to create a balance between high loading productivity and fast movements around the yard or logging site.  This largest of material handlers can easily stack logs over 30 feet high, to reduce inventory space and improve efficiencies. The MHL 460 at DEMO was loading 8-ft wood on a 30-ft long yard trailer. Both machines have 221-hp engines for power to tow fully loaded trailers or carry logs in adverse terrain. www.terex.com

November 16, 2011  By  Scott Jamieson

With a standard 16-litre

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